Bright Day Calendar – the story of Middle School dropout turned to CEO of multi-million dollar publishing company

9-year-old middle school dropout, Peter Piorkowski, goes against all odds to grow his publishing and retail company, Bright Day Calendar, into a multi-million dollar establishment

Bright Day Calendar was founded by Peter Piorkowski after dropping out of middle school due to several reasons, the major one being financial constraints with his family living on food stamps. Pete, however, defied all odds to start his company from a public storage unit while waiting tables full time at Applebee’s to become a multi-million dollar establishment known for selling amazing calendars.

The story of Pete is an inspiring one, to say the least, and is only often seen in Hollywood with the popular tag “from grass to grace.” Dropping out of school after completing 6th grade, Pete convinced his parents to allow him homeschool, subsequently dropping out in the first quarter of 7th grade and eventually going on several travels with ultimately gave him several life experiences, which has been the basis of his “true education.”

Pete was adopted by elderly parents after dropping out of middle school and allowed him to express himself as he wished so long he did not live a wayward life. Pete’s entrepreneurship journey started very early, selling roses as a teenager on Mothers and Valentine’s Day as well as running a lawn mowing business.

Along his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur, Pete volunteered with a nonprofit called Friendships. At 18, he became a car salesman, eventually securing a one-way ticket that took him to over 30 countries in both Europe & Africa for nine and a half months. He also studied as a paramedic and achieved his EMT certification. In his pursuit of self-reliance, Pete also dedicated his life to gambling. However, his breakthrough came in 2015 after making his first million in a year and was able to attain a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse to run his business.

His company reached unimaginable heights in a relatively short while, selling close to 200,000 calendars per year, leading to the eventual establishment of Bright Day Calendars. The company has grown over the years and now has a catalog of over 450 products.

In his bid to give back to society and help others reach their full potential, Pete started a program called “bright day,” allowing employees to pursue their passion while getting paid for it. This led to the introduction of health and medical insurance, maternity leave, paid vacations as well as other benefits as well as aggressive raises.

In the spirit of helping people around him, Pete also donated his kidney in the summer of 2016. In line with the company’s motto – “happiness is only real when shared,” Pete through Bright Day Calendars launched a product line called “Calendars for a Cause,” partnering with 8-nonprofits including animal sanctuaries, humanitarian and environmental nonprofits to share the revenue and success of the calendar sales for a great cause. Products in this category include beautiful animal calendars and beautiful calendar gifts.

Peter Piorkowski aims to lead Bright Day Calendars to new milestones, redefining capitalism with an attempt to make a meaningful positive impact on the world.

More information about Bright Day Calendars and the vision of Peter Piorkowski can be found on their website and LinkedIn. Bright Day Calendars is also available across several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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