Live Streaming Product Demonstrations on Amazon and LinkedIn

Live Streaming Product Demonstrations on Amazon and LinkedIn

“LinkedIn has recently announced that they will now offer live streaming for both personal profiles and business pages creating the ideal venue for many B2B businesses. Amazon has also announced that live streaming is now available for select merchants on”

Philadelphia, PA – Now that Amazon is allowing merchants to live stream on their platform. Whether you want to use LinkedIn for B2B or Amazon for B2C, live streaming a product/service presentation is become more and more powerful. Have you ever watched one of the live product announcements from Apple, Facebook or Google online? These events have the ability to capture viewers attention with the latest product releases in a setting that is live, interactive, and exciting!

While most businesses don’t have the clout or financial resources as let’s say Apple, everyone now has access to live streaming in the connected world of online social media. You can leverage Facebook, YouTube or Twitch to reach your audience with live streaming and hosting a live product demonstration can create massive results to further your businesses marketing and sales initiatives. LinkedIn has recently announced that they will now offer live streaming for both personal profiles and business pages creating the ideal venue for many B2B businesses. Amazon has also announced that live streaming is now available for select merchants on their e-commerce platform.

With the world moving toward visually stimulating, and interactive communication, we thought the time was ripe to share some of our tips and tricks for hosting amazing product demonstrations. Not to mention the latest statistics saying that viewers find live streams 80% more appealing than blogs and consumers are 67% more likely to buy a product seen on a live stream. Over the past 4 years, our company has literally hosted thousands of live events.

We started with boring webinars and struggled to gain traction… We found that live stream on both YouTube and Facebook simultaneously gained us 10X the number of viewers versus traditional webinars. We found our audience was more engaged and excited to be part of an online broadcast versus a two-way video conference style webinar. By reducing the barriers to entry, which traditionally included downloading a webinar software, and registering for an event, we have found that our live broadcast attendance has sky-rocketed and our product demonstrations are much more interactive.

The first most important tip for hosting a successful live product demonstration is authenticity. Gone are the days when businesses can simply post a perfect video of their product and company where nothing could ever go wrong. Today customers want to see what really “comes in the box” and you will notice that audiences want to connect to real people whom they can relate with.

Did you know Facebook reports that on average viewers will watch 3–8 times longer when a video is live versus pre-recorded? The concept is the same whether you sell services or physical products. It’s time to leverage the power of live product demonstrations to connect with customers in multiple stages in your sales funnel.

Speaking of your sales funnel… Live product demonstrations can be used to attract new leads and delight existing customers but most importantly it can shorten your overall sales cycle. Nothing is better than a customer testimonial shown on your live stream in front of a group of interested prospects. This is called social proof, and it is one of the most authentic and powerful ways to connect with your audience. Whether you are planning a new product release or a deep-dive new feature overview, live streaming can be used to deepen your connection with your prospects and customers alike.So where do you get started?

First of all, you might want to consider subscribing to our YouTube channel… We have a free guide available at which will walk you through our process for creating visually stimulating live product demonstrations. We have found that magic happens when your presentation is both informative and entertaining.

Think about live streaming as a real-time bridge between your company and your online community. Remember that everyone in your chat room is a real person and if you present a compelling call to action they will be likely to take that next step. We have found that many of the comments in our live stream chat room turn into new ideas for show topics. Since all of these chats are saved to your videos, they are easy to review with your sales and marketing teams after the broadcast. Once you establish your business as an industry thought leader you may find that you can crowd-source new ideas and customer feature requests that will keep your company ahead of the curve.

So we get it. Live product demonstrations are a powerful tool for sales and marketing. But where do we get started?

Okay, here are some tips to start thinking about. In our downloadable guide, you can dig even further into these topics.

  1. Do you have a presentation that properly reflects your brand? You may want to consider building a dedicated space in your office where you can create videos and product demonstration with good lighting and ample space for your products.
  2. Do you have a brand spokesperson? Is there someone in your organization willing to get on camera and make live product demonstrations…
  3. The two camera production trick. If you have physical products, it’s important to be able to show you’re a close-up view of your product. With at least two cameras you can transition between a view of your presenter and close up view of your products. While you are on a close-up view of your products you presenter can read detailed information from a data sheet or manual and your audience will never know
  4. What about a highly professional presentation? Where you don’t want to mess up a single word… Consider using a Teleprompter like the one we have here. You can create a script or a simple checklist of bullet points for your talent to read during the live presentation
  5. Also, you should think about your video production workflow. Live streaming technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. Everyone is trying to make their software more intuitive and easy enough for a beginner to get the hang of things quickly. Do you have someone who can be a producer? This person can also moderate the chat room and display valuable social proof during the live stream…
  6. Finally, take a look at our downloadable guide at… Review the content and ideas for hosting amazing live product demonstrations. Whether you have are representing a product or service, hardware or software, live product demonstrations are going to be powerful for helping to spread awareness for your brand.

So don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and follow along for one of our upcoming live product presentations. Check out one of the hundreds of live broadcasts we have available on Facebook and YouTube to get an idea about what your company could start doing in the future!

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