From Homeless To Refurbishing Homes For The Needy

Sandro Heitor – from Trio Maintenance Ltd., once homeless – now a property investor, property developer and author of “The Entrepreneur Paradox” book – decided to transform one family’s life by dedicating his weekend to personally refurbish a single mother’s home, alongside his co-founders Hugo Fonseca and Ricardo Oliveira.

They own a company dedicated to property development and maintenance that is currently building 22 units in London – and yet they decided to make a huge contribution to a single mother and her daughter who were living in a neglected apartment.

Sandro Heitor used to be homeless when he came from Portugal many years ago. He struggled for many years to make ends meet and that is why when he came across a single mother who was a victim of domestic violence, he knew he had to help her.

The young mother moved to London to give her daughter a better future and stay away from violence, but was living in a household that had been ignored by her landlord for years. After numerous years of reporting various issues, including damp and a poor condition all over the house, she was still being ignored.

She was caught crying at her job place, as she was trying to make ends meet by working 3 jobs just to feed her child.

It was then that Sandro and his co-founders visited the property, understood the story and made a decision to give this lady a helping hand for free to give her a new “light” within her home, giving her daughter the pink room she had always wanted and really giving her the Trio experience and family warmth that she deserves. The single mother could not believe her eyes as she said at the end: “You guys made me believe that there are good people in this world”.


At Trio Maintenance Ltd., culture is a key factor. The employment procedure and training really undertakes a level of checkboxes to see if the candidate really fits the Trio family structure, not only in terms of quality and professionalism but also integrity and values. So when Sandro sent out a text to every Trio member, including office staff to see who would be able to give their saturday to give back, no one at Trio questioned this and all of the Trio team refurbished the 2 bedroom flat in one day.


This was a validation to the Trio founders that their company is moving forward in the right direction and it has the right values and integrity to really be a leading company in the property maintenance, property development or whichever industry they choose to go into.

The Trio are aiming at continuing to collaborate with joint venture partners and people who will help them in their endeavour to make an impact in the world and create homes with a difference.

Sandro Heitor is the author of The Entrepreneur Paradox published with the help of Lily Patrascu, branding coach with her Brand For Speakers Programme – www.Lily.Global and Speakers Are Leaders Programme. Sandro is available for keynote speaking.

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