99EX holds a “99EX White Paper Press release” in Korea to announce the 99EX Exchange token 99B!

May 22, 2019, 99EX in conjunction with South Korea’s well-known investment institutions: Block Water, OKEx, SwissBorg, Foresee, ISE, and Bircoin successfully co-organized the “99EX White Paper release” in Seoul, South Korea. 99EX published a white paper based on the exchange token 99B.

99EX holds a

In 2019, blockchain technologies spread its applications across different industries. As the ICO Cryptocurrency market has receded the tokenization of assets continues to grow.

99EX is a innovative multilingual financial trading platform based on blockchain technologies. 99EX is the best choice of value, community building, and revenue sharing when choosing a token exchange platform.

The core of the business is to create a transparent, credible, autonomous, and scalable global exchange. By leveraging distributed consensus algorithms, matchmaking engines, smart contract technologies, digital monetary mechanisms, 99EX overcomes pervasive industry issues, in lack of trust, inefficiencies, product variety, and limited liquidity in the over-the-counter derivatives trading market. 99EX Exchange is one of the first open exchanges of OKEx, and now supports Chinese, English, and Korean, with a roadmap of Japanese, Russian and other countries and languages in the future.

99EX leverages the OKEx platform to share depth and liquidity. OKEx users do not need to register directly to login to 99EX, 99EX Wallet, and OKEx main station wallet. 99EX has $0 fee Mutual transfers, and transfers quickly in seconds.

The 99EX Exchange provides secure, reliable, and convenient trading services for every user based on the security technology infrastructure of OKEx’s 5-year with billion+ dollar futures contract trading volumes on a simple and easy to use interface.

This press release of 99EX newest token referred to as “99B” issues a total of 2 billion tokens and is guaranteed to never to increase, 99B is based on the etheric square Ethereum algorithm which is based on the etheric square blockchain ERC20 standard token.

99EX token is publicly issued by the exchange, traders can exchange through the BTC, ETH, & USDT digital currencies. The exchange will be converted to the equivalent 99EX pass according to the real-time price, holding 99EX token in the 99EX Exchange currency trading area for commodity trading in the 99EX exchange, when the trader’s trading volume and held 99EX token amount meet certain conditions, you can apply to become the exchange “global partner.”

After the exchange is approved, the exchange “global partner” can earn exclusive privileges which include promotional dividends of up to 90%.

99EX holds a

OKEx continues its strong support for 99EX in providing the global platform for the launch of 99B. This press release will be published across multiple media organization such as “Gold finance”, “Mars Finance”, “Crypto World” and other global outlets.

As the digital money market continues to stabilize, users of the coin circle have high expectations for the future of digital currency, in the belief that people will continue to embrace the digital currency markets and trading value. Only by keeping up with the development of the times can we feel the stay ahead of the changes brought by digital currencies.

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