Dieters and nutrition enthusiasts get a new information resource

Dieters and nutrition enthusiasts get a new information resource

There is no shortage of nutritional information on the internet. And there is an abundance in print. The competition for visibility is very high.  But that did not deter Boshra and the team at softerdreams from launching, an online information resource for their fans who love a healthier nutritional lifestyle. This resource is called “Web of Nutrition” and is located at

When asked why that name and if she thought there was a need for such a resource amidst a sea of already existing information? Boshra, the professional nutritionist, writer and Co-founder, said that the name was chosen to portray the intended authoritative nature of the website. “Sure, there is a lot of nutrition information online. But I like to say that much of it is mis-information.  Our team of members with academic qualifications in nutrition, food science, food tech, as well as knowledge in health and fitness have spent countless hours on the already existing information online and we identified that most was not backed with accurate scientific research. We want to be unique. Our goal is to be the world’s largest and most popular resource for nutrition related education services in form of articles, tutorials, diets, meal plans, recipes and videos on nutrition for health, beauty, brain development, weight loss, maintain fitness and various health benefits derived from nutrition,” Boshra said.

Diet is one of the most misconstrued and misused word in the English language. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to “diet”, with many being reasonable, while many are not. To the lay person, it can become very confusing when one is presented with such a variety of ways to select foods to improve one’s physical condition or to prevent or treat a disease.  How do you choose? You must look at the scientific body surrounding the diet or nutritional plan. What scientific body supports it and what refutes it? This requires a process to be done to uncover and present those facts in a detailed format that is easy to comprehend by a lay person. Boshra says it is their mission to provide well researched facts to help their readers craft a science backed healthy nutrition lifestyle. “We shall present both the good and the ugly as backed by scientific research. We shall do the literature review, so that our readers do not have to. This will differentiate us from other online resources which just churn out unsubstantiated nutrition and diet information.” However, she was quick to point out that the information is shared for educational purposes only, as it has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration or any other nutrition or medical body and therefore does not constitute a nutrition or medical consultation. “We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition, illness or disease. We advise our readers to see a certified dietician, nutritionist or medical professional for diagnosis before acting on any content on the website, especially if they are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition.”

According to a statement addressed to the head office of Softerdreams, the development of this information resource will proceed in planned steps; where by a section of nutrition/diet will be covered comprehensively on the site before another section is introduced. Therefore, currently, the site has fewer comprehensive guides on nutrition 101 only. “At the moment, we have a reasonable number of detailed guides on diet, such as the plant-based diet and we are adding more,” said Boshra, though she declined to give specific dates on when more fields will be introduced.

However, she stated that they believe they can reach their overall goal within three years when they expect to have enough coverage for nutrition, dieting, fitness and health.

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