Blockchain and Crypto Will Soon Become Important Educational Qualifications, Reports TechBullion

The world is slowly waking up to the immense potential underlying blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The education sector in particular is now catching up with the growing demand for blockchain professionals emerging from virtually every major economic sector. Universities are opening up to the new revolution, and giving students a great option to prepare for the future of the world economy, according to TechBullion, a tech news website.

The next wave of new jobs may well emerge from the revolutionary world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Although not many realize that a new future is in the making, the education sector is gearing up with new courses on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and cryptography. The applications of these decentralized platforms span a wide range of sectors, from business and e-commerce to supply chains, transport, healthcare, government services and data protection.

According to TechBullion, which also offers digital marketing services, students who take the plunge today will reap handsome dividends later in the form of well paying and great careers. It was only five years ago that the first course in cryptocurrency was introduced in the US. The tremendous success of the course led to the emergence of other such courses and classes. Corporations too responded to the new technology and opened up new positions related to use of blockchain.

Today, large corporations believe that in the near future, financial data will reside on blockchains. The decentralized nature of blockchain is its major attraction, as well as the large number of applications. It is thus no surprise that today, nearly half of reputed global colleges have introduced at least one cryptocurrency related class. The same interest can be seen in European and Asian education too.

Though still in its early phases of development, blockchain and cryptocurrencies hold a good promise for today’s students to hone up or update their skills and add this valuable qualification to their resumes.


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