AdviceCoach App Reduces Cancellation Costs for Rehab Therapists

AdviceCoach App Reduces Cancellation Costs for Rehab Therapists

Advice Coach
“An innovative technology that improves patient engagement, AdviceCoach reduces cancellations and no-show appointments through push notifications that clinics can send patient-wide. This feature dramatically reduces the amount of lost revenue which can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for clinics.”

May 23, 2019 The AdviceCoach application, an innovative technology solution, reduces cancellations and no-show appointments, improves patient outcomes and increases clinic profitability in the physical therapy industry.

When running a physical therapy clinic, last minute cancellations and no-show appointments can account for $250,000 in unrealized revenue for the average clinic. The profitability of a clinic can often depend on filling no-show appointments and late cancellations; the Advice Coach App minimizes the loss while managing a clinic’s patients treatment plans remotely.

The AdviceCoach application records each patient’s custom home exercise program during the appointment and keeps them in the loop about future appointments made available due to last-minute cancellations. Given the hesitation that patients feel about making long term commitments to appointments, this is the first technology that allows clinics to instantly fill cancellations and no-shows with patients who prefer to make last-minute appointments. The benefit of this for the clinic is not only monetary but also increases productivity and efficiency.

On the patient side, engagement and adherence improve because of the ability to customize each patient’s recovery plan. The technology behind the AdviceCoach App is designed to help patients remember the instructions prescribed by their doctor/therapist as well as show them exactly what to do at home via video footage.

With AdviceCoach, use innovative technology to provide better service to patients and increase efficiency.

Want to try AdviceCoach today and realize its potential for a clinic and its patients? Try the application free for two months to experience the benefits and positives effects, firsthand.

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