Game Maker Calculact Cal Announces Trading Card Game like \”5gamecards\” With Fun and Interesting Features

Game Maker Calculact Cal Announces Trading Card Game like \\\

United States – Calculact Cal is proud to announce its trading card game like game called “5gamecards”. Right now, it’s one of the best card mind games where players have a better opportunity to find quality cards and engage in a more interesting story.

5gamecards is based on a simple rule. In addition to that, it utilizes a system called “assemble”, where decks are not shuffled but placed in the order the player wants to pull them from his deck.

Players can use paint pens or paint makers to make their cards, thereby giving it a special ability, which will reflect when playing the game.

Visit to start uploading cards and participating.

Trading card games offer an interesting way for players to engage with other individuals and test their abilities. However, many of the games out there have shortcomings that frustrate players.

5gamecards is specifically designed for fans of trading card games who will love to trade cards that are decentralized and have painted themselves. Players get to create their own cards where they can include or not include special abilities, and then go on to play with two to five players.

To ensure better engagement in the game, there is no shuffling. Therefore, players can utilize the resources provided on the Calculact Cal site to trade cards and network among players, which guarantees more fun and interest.

For more information, please contact 347-324-4678,, or visit

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