GenTech Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: $GTEH) Is Set To Disturb The $2.1B #CBD Space Through Their Healthy Leaf Brand Products

Miami, FL – May 23, 2019 – An elite wall street independent small cap media group with a history of bringing lucrative opportunities, Reports on GenTech Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: $GTEH)

GenTech Holdings, Inc. Announced Its Entry Into CBD Space

On March 19, 2019 the company announced its entry into the cbd space. “GenTech Holdings, Inc. announces today that has begun to make progress in its exciting ‘Hemp Products and Manufacturing strategic Delivery plan’. GenTech Holdings, Inc. state that they are on a three-year trajectory that will see them launch new branding, make strategic acquisitions and deliver its own branded CDB oil throughout 2019 and into 2021. “We are now in the Hemp Sector” announced David Lovatt, CEO of GenTech, “and as we make progress, I will share important news with you”.


GenTech Holdings, Inc. Launch The Healthy Leaf Brand

On May 21, 2019 GenTech Holdings, Inc. announced its line of high-end CBD products.

The initial products to be offered under “The Healthy Leaf” brand will include:

  • High-End CBD-infused Box of Chocolates
  • Premium CBD-infused Skin Cream 
  • CBD-infused Artisan Teas
  • CBD-infused Artisan Coffees
  • Premium CBD Wellness Snack Bar
  • High-End CBD-infused Pet Treats
  • 250ml Bottle of Premium CBD

Commented David Lovatt, CEO of GenTech. “The health and wellness space is a culture. By focusing on a holistic lifestyle branding process, we are lining ourselves up with that culture, and with our target market. Everything flows from that idea.”

“This market is exploding with potential right now,” continued Mr. Lovatt. “Growth estimates for the CBD market continue to ratchet higher. That matches what we are seeing from a boots-on-the-ground perspective as well. We have a very disruptive vision and we want to mobilize it as fast as possible. But the details need to be addressed with proper care. To that end, the Oxygen team brings professionalism, talent, and a wealth of experience to the table.”



GenTech Holdings, Inc. recently reduced the authorize shares, the total number of issued and outstanding common shares has been decreased by 36,206,896 shares, which were returned to treasury on May 14. This has taken the total issued and outstanding share total down to 385,563,721 shares and dropped the trading float share total down to just 35,546,101 shares, representing a 50.5% reduction in float. In addition, the total number of authorized shares is also being reduced by 80% from 25 billion shares to 5 billion shares.

To increase shareholder value and confident the Company also noted that it will be retiring more common shares over coming weeks through a conversion process following the establishment of a new class of preferred shares designed to function as an employee incentivization resource.


$GTEH Undervalued

This undervalued stock currently at $0.035 should be in everyone’s watchlist. $GTEH’s current share structure is the following: AS 5B. The market cap at the time of writing was $11,566,912. The current share price is $0.035.

Chart Technicians Predictions

$GTEH main support is at $0.03, Key pivot breaks will be $0.064 and if it breaks above $0.10 The stock can potentially test $0.18+

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