AfroPop Artist JT Announces Upcoming Release of his First Single Gbon Gbon

Newark, New Jersey – AfroPop artist JT is pleased to announce that he will be releasing his first single, Gbon Gbon, in the near future.

In keeping with JT’s typical AfroBeat sound, the catchy new single has a fascinating story and an important message to convey:

“It’s about a girl who is well known in my neighborhood as a prostitute,” says JT. “I fell in love with her without paying any attention to the negative comments people say about her. I want to make sure my song is out there for everybody to listen to. It’s important to me that my listeners get the message I am trying to pass across.”

Although JT didn’t officially start his music career until 2017, music has always been his passion:

“I just love to sing, and can’t imagine wanting to do anything else with my life!”

This popular young artist admits he doesn’t come from a musical family and is unable to pinpoint the source of his talent. But he was greatly inspired by old records and tapes.

“The likes of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, which my father listened to, Sunny Okosun and Bright Chemezie had a huge influence on me,” he says. “And growing up, in my town, the trending sound was Reggae, which also had a huge influence on me, as did Hip Hop.”

JT has a growing fan base, especially in his home town of Newark, where he regularly performs in clubs and at parties.

“I love seeing people happy when they listen to my songs. I’m just happy to keep on doing music and staying relevant in the entertainment industry for as long as I can!”

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