Recovery Science Brings Full Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna and Advanced Treatments Under One Roof

Recovery Science Brings Full Body Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna and Advanced Treatments Under One Roof

All of the latest and scientific recovery, rejuvenation and beauty treatments are now available at one spot. Recovery Science, located at Chula Vista, offers the treatments that were available only to the top athletes, and these include cryotherapy and infrared sauna.

Recovery Science has been set up to bring the best treatments under one roof at its state-of-the-art facility. The treatment facility, which is open to everyone, has been used by elite athletes and triathletes, including UFC, BJJ, Major League Soccer and CVEATC (Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center).

We offer the safest full body cryotherapy and most effective full spectrum infrared sauna. We strive to provide our customers with a “one stop shop” to recover faster and get back in the game sooner – whatever that is for you,” said Hyewon Lee of Recovery Science.

There are many conditions that call for applications like cryotherapy, infrared sauna, compression therapy or Kinesio Tape and Yoga Tune Up. They can be used for pain management (arthritis, sprains, soreness), for enhancing beauty (skin collagen, treating fine wrinkles) or to simply act as energy boosters and mood brighteners.

Cryotherapy in particular uses the top of the line Cryo Science Chamber. At Recovery Science, users can get the true, whole body cryo experience, which is different from a mere cryo-sauna. It is safer, allows breathable air, offers indirect cooling and there is no skin contact of liquid nitrogen. It is also more effective with lower body temperature. At Recovery Science, a facial is always included to work on collagen and fine wrinkles.

The full spectrum infrared sauna is the latest in anti-inflammation treatment, and lowers blood pressure while improving the flow of blood. It is also a detox and skin rejuvenation treatment. Another latest treatment is the Normatec compression therapy with zero gravity chair for lower back treatment, lymphatic drainage and massage.

Recovery Science brings the synergistic effects of all therapies at one place in a spa like atmosphere. The center offers flexible and sharable memberships and packages with a comfortable price point for everyone. The Center offers complete guidance with other services such as IV therapy, body composition analysis and nutrition guidance. Clients and patrons can pick the best treatment and services that fit in their budget with assistance from experienced wellness program coordinators.

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