Candy Boxes Presented by NCTY & FF for Wall Street & Hong Kong Lee Family

Our insiders in FF disclosed to us that ncty, a Nasdaq listed company, had obtained more than $800 million in financing in the past two weeks with the help of two investment banks in Hong Kong, which is far more than the expected $600 million. Mr. Zhu Jun has fully deployed charging piles to FF product sales and even negotiated investment cooperation with a new energy battery factory in Ningde, Fujian Province, China. Its selling will be a very advanced sales model that combines block chains organically. NCTY will release its own integral token, possibly named nine city coins.

This token will be used for the ecological token of NCTY’s other block chains in the future, or directly to offset the maintenance of some FF products, and plans to launch on line on major exchanges around the world. The way to issue coins is not ico, but IEO, which is in recently fashion, so that the risk can be avoided. Staying in interested and confused, Wall Street will lead to a new valuation assessment after it is clear this week, but the news clearly makes informed investors eager to try. A person familiar with the matter said that Mr. Zhu Jun’s stock price evaluation of NCTY in the future was more than $30. He hoped that ntcy would be a high-tech company in the future rather than a game company, which is in line with Mr. Zhu Jun’s vision.

It is worth noting that many Lee Family members in Hong Kong had attended the road show, no video or photo was allowed to take. They also congratulated Mr. Zhu Jun after the successful completion of the road show. We have reasons to believe that the Lee Family in Hong Kong has played a key role in NCTY and FF cooperation.

The number of electric vehicles in China now has exceeded one million and there will also be one million production each year, which has huge attraction for any big family firms. In addition to real estate, only the automobile industry has a trillion-dollar market in China. In the future, the new rich will no longer be real estate, but the king of new energy automobiles. Zhu Jun, the king of the last Internet era, whether he can link new energy vehicles in the area of block chains to achieve his past achievements, we will see.

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