Injexts MedSpa Now Offering Revitalizing IV Therapy To Scottsdale Clients

Injexts MedSpa Now Offering Revitalizing IV Therapy To Scottsdale Clients

Scottsdale, AZ – Injexts, a Scottsdale-based spa and skincare clinic, has added IV therapy to their extensive offerings. IV therapy, otherwise known as intravenous therapy, delivers liquid substances directly into the bloodstream.

Hospitals and medical facilities have used IV therapy for decades to help medicate patients. But it hasn’t been until recently that spas and aesthetic clinics have utilized the intravenous method for cosmetic and wellness purposes.

People don’t always supply themselves with the vitamins and minerals they need. There are a number of factors that contribute to this deficiency, which includes the type of diet a person has or a simple imbalance of bacteria. It can also include the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and medications.

In the past ten years, stress has become a rampant problem among adults both old and young. This increase in stress can result in a lack of sleep, eating, and other habits that have a negative effect on nutrient intake. The supplement industry provides products designed to boost the immune system and revitalize the body. However, Medspa practitioners are finding that IV therapy options prove better results in a quicker amount of time.

IV therapy works by putting nutrients directly into the body. It does so without having to navigate the digestive tract. Those who choose to utilize the intravenous route can get it either administrated through infusions or injections, commonly referred to as drips. Injexts aptly delivers their treatment through injections. The contents patients can get from these drip bars depends on what they’re looking to target. A popular blend mixes vitamin C, magnesium, some B vitamins, and calcium.

Injexts bring their patients drips in a relaxing and nurturing environment. Their IV Therapy in Scottsdale is customized completely to fit each patient’s targeted treatment plan. They promises to rehydrate, recharge, and revamp.

Injexts is Scottdale’s only injectable bar. The medspa was developed with the intent to help people restore their youthful essence and look in just minutes. They describe themselves as an on-demand aesthetic practice. Their goal is to make it easy for patients to book an appointment, receive treatment, and look refreshed in just a few minutes.

Aside from their newly added IV therapy services, clients can take advantage of Botox, lip fillers, B12 injections. and Coolsculpting at Injexts.

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