Robin Lieser, the founder of RapidVPN talks about completing over a decade of providing cutting edge VPN services to its customers

Established in 2007, RapidVPN is one of the oldest and leading providers of VPN services in the industry. What makes it stand apart is that it focuses on providing users a dedicated Static or Private IP address, unlike others who provide a shared IP address. Robin Lieser, one of the founders of RapidVPN, talks about completing over a decade in the industry and keeping up with the latest updates in the VPN technology.

Interviewer: Give us a brief about your background.

Robin Lieser: Since I was very young, I’ve been puzzled with the idea of how easily (and sometimes openly) governments take over the internet and spy on their citizens. After graduating with an MBA, instead of joining the workforce live every other graduate, I contacted a friend of mine who was a tech nerd and we started RapidVPN together.

Interviewer: What inspired you to establish RapidVPN?

Robin Lieser: What inspired me the most was the fact that there was the need to secure the online information from identity theft attack, on a higher level. And I believe that we are kind of pioneers in that sense. Today, online thieves can do whatever, take your money away, even sell your property without your knowledge. People often don’t realize that. So, the decision was to focus on that field, in order to make the internet a safer environment. For ourselves, and for our customers, of course. And I believe we managed to do that. There are a lot of VPN services on the market, even though we are still widely recognized.

Interviewer: Tell us something about the services you have provided?

Robin Lieser: In order to protect personal online information, we explored the VPN route and sought to empower it with the adoption of sophisticated encryption technologies at multiple levels. With this roadmap in mind, we’ve invested heavily in R&D and we have a highly professional team of network security experts and computer wizards. The result is the emergence of our VPN service, all over the globe. But, as a user, you should be careful in choosing your VPN service, especially if it is for free. I am not sure that behind those services aren’t people that want to access and log your personal information, since like in every business, you have a lot of frauds that want to take advantage of you. The thieves that should save you from the thieves, which often is not the case. Everyone needs to exercise caution when choosing a VPN provider. You should also know that your ISP has the ability to see everything you do online, unless you use a VPN.

Interviewer: What is the difference you feel between VPN services from 2007 and present?

Robin Lieser: I can tell that today the VPN services are much more developed and involved in defending safety on the internet than they were back in time. Also, the awareness of online information safety is much more present among users. Which, as I said, is of high importance. The internet is way more present in people’s lives than in the past. Not only for personal needs, but also for a regular everyday job. Which makes the internet the largest playground with all the good and the bad players, and their intentions. So, VPN services of today are very in progress with all innovation on the internet and are available on every type of device imaginable.  

Interviewer: How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

Robin Lieser: Since the beginning, we’ve had a focus on providing users a dedicated Static (Private) IP address, unlike others who provide a shared IP address. As a user, you wouldn’t want for instance your PayPal account to get suspended, just because someone else who’s sharing the same VPN IP address with you has done shady things. Also, there is a customer-first approach to listen and address customer grievances on a 24/7 priority basis, and we offer very competitive pricing. Using RapidVPN you can do multiple sessions, so you can connect to one account from two different devices at the same time, and it is even upgradable up to 99 connections. Also, you can purchase our service instantly and without the need to register.

More information about RapidVPN can be found on their official website.

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