Andrea Callanan talks about inspiring corporate employees through her award-winning venture ‘Inspire Me’

Andrea Callanan is the founder of Inspire Me, an award-winning people development company that specializes in corporate employee engagement, workplace happiness, and wellbeing. Her company offers cutting edge programs, training sessions and unique teambuilding exercises that motivate the employees, to stay happy at their workplace, increase productivity and efficiency.

The company is comprised of business people, artists, performers and NLP practitioners who world across the UK with a variety of clients. In this exclusive interview, Andrea talks about her inspiration behind her venture and the services they offer.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your company Inspire Me?

Andrea Callanan: Inspire Me is an award-winning people development company that specializes in corporate employee engagement, workplace happiness, and wellbeing. In short, we improve the bottom line while creating happy workforces. We’re edgy, effective and the go-to supplier for contact centers and customer service led organizations.

Interviewer: What do Inspire Me offer?

Andrea Callanan: We offer unique team building, return on investment workplace engagement choirs and mindset behavioral training for improved customer service.

Interviewer: How long have Inspire Me been going?

Andrea Callanan: Our journey began 10 years ago under the brand name Sing & Inspire. The business first began trading in May 2009 and in 2014 Andrea Callanan developed the inspire me umbrella brand which now includes sing & inspire alongside energise & inspire and rhythm & inspire team building solutions all using various forms of art.

Interviewer: Why do employers choose to innovate their HR programs by using us?

Andrea Callanan: While there are many approaches to engagement, an increasing amount being online, we stand out because we take it back to the heart by focusing on people. We have an offline approach that can’t be replicated any other way.  Many of our clients gain recognition and win awards with our programs. Managers see the real impact day to day in how behaviors change and productivity jumps with incredible transformations.

Interviewer: Who are your core clients and what results have you achieved?

Andrea Callanan: Our core clients are large global organizations, many of whom are on the top 100 Great Places To Work list. Our wider list varies as we work with employers in the public and private sector.

Our clients see improvements in engagement, wellbeing, and employee turnover. Some of our customers reported an increase in sales by up to 20%, reduction in attrition by up to 10%, increase in net promoter score by up to 20% and improved customer satisfaction by up to 80%.

We create partnerships by building strong relationships. We take time to understand what your needs are and then put together a program that will work to achieve those outcomes. It’s not always a standard service, we are also bespoke packages or smaller monthly retainers. Similarly, if you have a brief and short turnaround time we can deliver the service of your choice in as little as a few days.

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