AutopartsZ – Release Of An All In One Automotive Tool For Car Owners

AutopartsZ - Release Of An All In One Automotive Tool For Car Owners
AutopartsZ is an automotive web/mobile tool which is headquartered out of Astoria, New York. They have launched their new website and mobile app to aid in the car owner’s quest for the perfect automotive service.

The initial idea for AutopartsZ was for it to become an auto parts price comparison search engine. Later the idea evolved into its current state. Their current services include finding paint for any model, tires from any brand for any model.

They also have a car specs section where visitors can check out the specs of any car model they like. They have a section where they can show you the location of all the local repair shops. This was done to make sure the visitor has a single platform for all their automotive needs. The CEO, Mohammad Samrat had this to say about the company:

“Dealing with needs of their cars, the burden almost always falls on its owners to get it right – finding and buying the right parts, finding the right repair shops, etc. Sharing these frustrations, I thought of AutoPartsZ, a tool that works towards tilting the balance in favor of the car owners.”

The company on top of all those services has another service aimed for its visitors. The visitors can get a title report for any vehicle being used within the US for a fee of 6 dollars. The services are accompanied by a dynamic website. The design and UI of the website and app is an amalgamation of innovation and craft. The navigation system for the site is intuitive. It employs two different types of search. One is the “Year-Make-Model” format and the other is a VIN search.

Searching by VIN is an innovative new idea which has changed the automotive industry on its head. Now the search for parts and other accessories can be flawless. The VIN search was added to the website as a way to make it easier for visitors to navigate with minimum effort. The website is connected to big auto parts dealers like the Pep Boys and Parts Authority and many others. This assures the visitors quality service. When talking to an employee of AutopartsZ they explained that:

“The main aim of our company is to serve the car owners. The internet is a great place for everything, but often times it can become too much. This is where we come in. We here aid the car owners to anything car related. Whether they need quality parts, tires, paint, or vehicle report. We provide it all. We are an all in one service for the masses. People can come here and find the best deals even. They can compare prices between multiple suppliers and determine the best product. Affordability without compromising quality, that’s the goal here at AutopartsZ.”

AutopartsZ has taken extra care to employ state of the art software technology to ensure the website and mobile app for Android and also app for IOS has a faster response time than average. They did this to ensure a smoother customer journey for the visitors. Their database for parts, tires, and paint code extends to millions spanning almost all the models of all makes available. It is one of the biggest in the US if not the whole world. Their target with this was to make sure that everyone regardless of what they drive can get the service they need. They even have a “guides and articles” section. This is where automotive news, guides on car repair, parts, and reviews are published to help aid the car owners in their decision.

For more information on AutopartsZ visit their website:

About AutopartsZ

It is an online automotive tool that provides a plethora of services to its visitors including price comparison for parts, tires and paint codes. They also offer repair shop locations and vehicle reports.

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