Press Conference on the Brand Strategy of Orient Walt (HTDF) to be Solemnly Held in Shenzhen on May 30

The innovation and commercial application of blockchain technology has promoted the global industrial transformation, and is deeply affecting the transportation, upgrading and value reengineering of the traditional industries such as finance, telecommunications, transportation and logistics, energy, medical treatment and health, law, manufacturing, etc. The countries in the world have raised blockchain to the height of national strategy, and the Fortune 500 Enterprises have also started the comprehensive layout for blockchain very early, and re-defined user relationship, commercial value, industrial scale, and ecological mode, etc. in virtue of blockchain technology. Along with the increasing maturity of blockchain technology, the continuous improvement of infrastructures, the sustained enhancement of security and efficiency, blockchain is expected to be widely applied in many fields of the society. 

Just in such a background, Orient Walt (HTDF) emerges as the times require, which is a public chain having more than 500,000 community members and a large number of ecological application scenarios globally, and proposes the creation of a digital ecological smart home based on blockchain.

Orient Walt (HTDF) dedicates itself to solving the problem of difficult implementation and application of blockchain through the innovation of seven blockchain technologies, and from technical, governance and commercial application layers. Orient Walt (HTDF) integrates many application scenarios like entertainment game, social payment, cultural copyright, charity and commonweal, mall system, Internet of Things, AI, and value sharing, etc. into the construction of the “smart home” ecology, thus guiding the true coming of the era of large blockchain.

Orient Walt (HTDF) adopts the POS+PBFT mixed mechanism technically to create a bottom blockchain system which includes the governance mechanisms like virtual machine, chain group cross-chain technology, new intelligent contract, and identity identification, etc., as well as diversified mining. Wherein, the most distinctive advantage of Orient Walt (HTDF) is the solution to security problems, and the mixed mechanism could guarantee the security of trading while ensuring the security of the main chain.

Excellent design of contract layer and the integration of multiple virtual machines, such as EVM and WASM have enabled the developers to research and develop intelligent contract with multiple languages, lowered the threshold for developers to get started, enhanced the development efficiency and the scalability of Orient Walt (HTDF) public chain.

Orient Walt (HTDF) adopts the “chain group” technology to realize the multi-chain cross-chain between different public chains, etc., and applies the “chain group” thinking to realize the secondary communication and integration of data value, greatly expanding the application of scenarios. To solve the problems such as slow packaging of Ethereum and trading congestion, etc., Orient Walt (HTDF) uses high-speed TPS performance and second-level trading confirmation speed to make the nodes smooth.

To issue the innovation achievements and brand circuit planning of the Smart Home project, and deeply communicate with the elites in the blockchain industry, etc., Orient Walt (HTDF) will hold an event themed “Press Conference on the Brand Strategy of Orient Walt (HTDF)” in Shenzhen, China on May 30, 2019. This Press Conference is not only the appearance of the brand of Orient Walt (HTDF), but even the determination of Orient Walt to boost the development of the blockchain industry, and also a summary and sublimation since the inception of the project concept.

On the occasion, leaders from political circles, international organizations, 100 financial technological personnel related to blockchain, 100 famous media, etc. will get together with the representatives of Orient Walt communities, and deeply discuss the Orient Walt (HTDF) project from many aspects, such as economic theories, technological innovation, trading security, and policy planning, etc.

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Mike Wu, founder of Orient Walt (HTDF), will be responsible for the opening of this Conference. He will attend the conference and give an address as the sponsor’s representative. Professor Wang Fuzhong, Chinese famous economist and post-doctor of Peking University, Huan Lianjin, former Huawei’s famous blockchain expert and expert member of Blockchain Branch of Chinese Institute of Electronics, and Li Geng, Chief Operating Officer of Orient Walt will give speeches successively.

In addition, many famous figures will be invited to hold a roundtable dialogue themed on the technology and application innovation of “Blockchain +” at the meeting site, to share the theory of blockchain, and to discuss the decentralization thought, the application of blockchain technology in real fields, and the future development trend and risks of the technology. Zhu Youping, Deputy Director and Deputy Secretary of the General Branch of the Party of the China Economic Information Network Management Center of the State Information Center, and blockchain economic scholar, Cai Zhichuan, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Economics, President of Asia Blockchain Society, and President of Hong Kong Blockchain Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other famous figures will, as distinguished guests, participate in the discussion of this roundtable meeting.

Table of Guests (Partial)

Technology reconstructs the world, creates a smart home, and brings about a bright future. The Press Conference on the Brand Strategy to be held by Orient Walt (HTDF) on May 30 is just to promote the implementation of the digital ecological smart home as the result of the blockchain technology innovation.

A grand event is grand because of the joint participation, and the value is marked by consensus. The holding of the Press Conference on the Brand Strategy of Orient Walt (HTDF) will surely promote a new round of renovation of the global blockchain technology.

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