Icoone Laser – Powerful and Breakthrough Technology for Face and Body Treatment


This patented, FDA-cleared system is the only technology in the world to deliver multi-micro alveolar stimulation, combined with dual-wavelength laser energy. A stand-alone device that treats the whole body, including delicate areas around the eyes, neck, inner arms and thighs, this system delivers treatments that are safe for all skin types-including sensitive, loose or damaged skin. Optimal results in the first few sessions even in the most difficult of cases.


Groundbreaking insight on the structure of connective tissue by Professor Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a specialist in reconstructive surgery, necessitated a new way to treat skin. Rather than the traditional concept of stratified tissue, Guimberteau showed that subcutaneous tissue consists effectively of a myriad network of micro vacuoles, haphazardly arranged and of fractal appearance. With this discovery, we gained a more accurate understanding not only of phenomena such as edema and fibrosis, but also of the difficulties involved in efficiently reducing cellulite and fat deposits.


Based on these findings, I-Tech industries-a European leader in skin technology-employed a team of engineers and medical experts to create RoboDerm, a patented system capable of Multi-Micro Alveolar Stimulation – accurately treating the micro vacuoles of the dermis. The technology delivers quick and visible results in the treatment of many conditions affecting the beauty and wellness of the individual – including stubborn fat deposits, cellulite and skin laxity, as well as lymphedema, burns and scars.


Unlike other non-invasive procedures that can cause discomfort, redness, bruising or require recovery time-ICO|one treatments are completely pain-free, with zero side effects or downtime. In fact, treatments induce a feeling of wellness and relaxation, as the twin handpieces simulate a two-hands massage. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities, including physical work or exercise regimens.

The dramatic results patients achieve from such a comfortable procedure has made ICO|one a true sensation around the world.


Icoone® is the only patented appliance in the world for treating: connective tissue, fibrillar tissue, elastic tissue, adipose tissue, muscle tissue, microcapillary circulation, employing a fractionated massage designed to apply alveolar micro stimulation. Philosophy: Scientific research, technical skill, professionalism and a strong belief in innovation are the elements that now make I-Tech Industries® an ally Par Excellence in the treatment of connective tissue, cosmetic and medical alike. Mission: The design, study, production and marketing of technologies and services having notable scientific and technological importance, intended primarily to guarantee customer satisfaction in terms of beauty, wellness and health. Values: Scientific research, Innovation and technological reliability, Comprehensive Service, Professionalism of the Team.

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