Americans Are Asking Themselves What To Do With Old Computer Parts

Americans Are Asking Themselves What To Do With Old Computer Parts

Most businesses have plenty of old computers lying around that no one knows quite what to do with. Even if you have moved onto new computers, the parts on your old ones may still be usable and have a purpose. You could find a company that will buy them, you could repurpose them, or come up with a creative way to use them. Here are a few ideas on what to do with those old computers and parts before you throw them out. 

Sell It

Even though your old computer isn’t fast enough or doesn’t have enough storage for you, that doesn’t mean someone it is useless. If you can’t think of a way to use it at work anymore, consider putting it on eBay or Craigslist. If you have over $1,000 worth of computer components, you could get ahold of someone like Exit Technologies to sell them all quickly and easily for a good price. It’s a great way to make some extra money and benefits the environment. You can sell an old computer by itself, as single parts, or take the parts and put them with other old computer parts to build a new one. Make sure you know the value of what you are selling so no one takes advantage of you. 

To get an idea of what you could make, visit to request a quote.

Repurpose Parts 

Repurposing a computer and its parts can be another option for an old computer. You can use a DVD drive on a new computer as an external DVD drive, or you can use an extra graphics card as a dedicated PhysX card for games that support it. Those of you that are really good at DIY projects can even use an old external graphics card to turn your laptop into a better gaming computer. While not all computer parts can be repurposed, consider what you can use before getting rid of anything.

Build a Single-Use Computer

While you can more than likely come up with something more original, creating a new computer out of those spare parts is always a possibility. An old computer, no matter how bad it is, can be made into a home server that can feed files to the newer computers in your home. You could also use it to perform day-to-day tasks or create a home theater computer that can run TV shows and movies. And in the event that you no longer have a computer case, you can make a functional case using a cardboard box for a temporary fix or just build it into your entertainment center or desk to integrate it into your household.

Create a Fun DIY Projects

For those crafty people out there, you may want to consider using old computer parts and creating something fun out of them. A computer-themed DIY project could be a graphics card art piece for your wall, a motherboard coffee table for your living room, or a PC case aquarium for the kid’s room. If you can’t think of something fun to do with the computer pieces yourself, get online and see what other people have created for inspiration. 


If none of the other options appeal to you, then just simply recycle the old parts. Containing harmful metals, these old parts aren’t something you want sitting in a landfill. Check with your city to see if they have locations where you can recycle your computer or check online to get in touch with an easy place to dispose of your old computers in a responsible way.

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