Enzo Fiore teaches building an empire in “Million Dollar Playbook”

Enzo Fiore teaches building an empire in “Million Dollar Playbook”

High-end luxury real estate agent and motivational speaker, Enzo Fiore, launches a new book titled “Million Dollar Playbook,” where he offered tips on how young entrepreneurs can escape the ancient 9 to 5 rat race

“Million Dollar Playbook” is the latest resource from seasoned real estate agent, author, and public speaker as he continues in the pursuit of his goal of helping people to reach their potential by providing them with useful and practical tips. Enzo has been able to carve a niche for himself not only in real estate but in the business world as a whole, helping his clients to make informed decisions in finding their next estate, investment, or dream home.

Entrepreneurship has been described by successful business people and experts as a way of life. Unfortunately, while millions of people cherish and admire the freedom and achievements of successful entrepreneurs, many do not know the long hours of sleepless nights and several failures that such successful entrepreneurs experienced on their way to making it big. Over the years, most books and resources on entrepreneurship contain rather ambiguous and somewhat abstract information that are almost impossible to implement by readers. Consequently, young entrepreneurs find it difficult to live their dreams of escaping the 9 to 5 rat race for entrepreneurship and freedom. However, Enzo is looking to break down the complexities of the world of entrepreneurship, a goal he has constantly pursued for years as he releases his new book titled “Million Dollar Playbook.”

Million Dollar Playbook” is a step by step guide written to help readers achieve their goals, no matter how big, and regardless of the obstacles they might confront, ultimately rising above the goals and become a successful in their field.

In the book, Enzo talks about the modern way of starting a business and growing it, eventually escaping the 9 to 5 rat race using technology and social media. The Beverly Hills-based high-end real estate agent pours his years of experience into the book, starting his entrepreneurship journey at the tender age of 15.

Over the years, Enzo has worked with some of the most influential and successful people in the world, learning exactly what it takes to reach massive levels of success. These experiences have shaped his life as an entrepreneur, going from bagging groceries at Ralph’s and earning $12 an hour, to making 6 figures.

Enzo is dedicated to helping people become successful, traveling the world to teach people about the importance reaching goals, committing to success, and taking charge in their lives.

“Million Dollar Playbook” is Enzo’s contribution to helping people, especially young entrepreneurs, build an empire.

The book is currently available on Amazon.

More information about the book and other projects from Enzo Fiore can be found on his website.

About Enzo Fiore

Enzo Fiore is a high-end luxury real estate agent, motivational speaker, and sales coach dedicated to assisting and advising his clients in making the smartest and most wealth creating real estate purchases and sales.

Enzo had an early start in the high end real estate market at 15. Originally relocating to Los Angeles for music and acting, Enzo soon began his love affair with the sophistication and elegance of the Los Angeles real estate market.

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