“Tales of the Wilderwood” Campaign Gets Chosen As Kickstarter Staff Pick

Compelling Adventure that Takes Place in the Mysterious Wilderwood

Chelmsford Borough, UK – Feb 24, 2015 – “Tales of the Wilderwood” campaign, a new illustrated book full of short fairy tales for the 21st century, has been awarded Kickstarter Staff Pick. The book is a compilation of stories full of magic and adventure set in the Wilderwood forest. The campaign is set to raise £8,000 by March 22nd, 2015.

J.W. Hawkins has teamed with illustrator Matthew Burton to create a 120-140 page adult book with beautiful illustrations to compliment the lyrical writing style. There will be a minimum of 60 remarkable color illustrations to bring forth the imagination of the readers and enhance their experience. The “Tales of the Wilderwood” creates a world like no other. All the tales take place in the same mystical woodland so as to develop a multi-dimensional universe. 

“The story is lyrical and captivating while having the feeling that it has been done before yet it hasn’t,” said avid reader Julia Brunfield. “There is magic in the words that flow so well, beauty in the description that fills your mind of a scene that should not be disturbed and a world that is so close yet so far away. The team of J.W. Hawkins and Matthew Burton seems to me like one of those magical teams that may go far as their project continues to mature.”

The books detail and astonishing imagery shares stories about morals, revenge, quick-wits, and the balance of nature brings to the adult book world something fresh to read. Those that dare to venture deep into this mysterious forest will find themselves mystified by the illustrations and writing style. Various plots bring forth sentimental moments that will touch the hearts of audiences, along with dark, sad, and comedic points.

Readers can get a preview of the short story “Gerald the Mangy Fox” by clicking here.

To complete the book, J.W. Hawkins has turned to crowdfunding for funding assistance. The Kickstarter campaign will pay for professional editing, illustrations, proper book formatting for Ebook and print and marketing. If the campaign exceeds its goal, they will release a hardcopy of ‘Tales of the Wilderwood: Volume 1’ and begin writing volume two. Supporters of the campaign can choose from a variety of exclusive Kickstarter rewards as a thank you for the contribution. 

Make a contribution today by visiting the Kickstarter campaign here.

Share this on Facebook and Twitter. The more people know about this Kickstarter Staff Pick campaign, the closer they will get to reaching their goal. This is an “all-or-nothing” deal, so if they do not raise enough money then it may take years before the book can be published. 

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