New Patent Recognizes Emoshape Founder Patrick Levy-Rosenthal as the Inventor of the First Emotion Chip

Emoshape founder Patrick Levy-Rosenthal has just received the patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for his epoch-making invention Emotion Processing Unit (EPU) for Intelligent Machines.

New York – 27th May, 2019 – Emoshape proudly announces that the company’s founder Patrick Levy-Rosenthal has been granted the patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, recognizing him as the inventor of the Emotion Processing Unit (EPU). A ground-breaking invention by Levy-Rosenthal, EPU is the first ever emotion chip for intelligent machines that promises to bring artificial intelligence one step closer to sentient machines.

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Patrick Levy-Rosenthal has been working for years to create computing solutions that can teach intelligent objects to interact with humans with a favourable, positive result. The creation of Emoshape emotion synthesis chip (EPU) technology is undoubtedly a significant step forward for AI and its application in personal robotics, self-driving cars, affective toys, sentient virtual reality, IoT, pervasive computing, etc.

The creation of EPU by Levy-Rosenthal has made it possible for the intelligent machine to understand and make sense of the human language when they speak. EPU allows the intelligent machines to experience more than a whopping 64 trillion possible emotional states within every one tenth of a second. It is also capable of emotional reasoning and synthesis by wave computing. With cutting edge EPU algorithms, it effectively enables the machines to respond to stimuli with emotional reactions such as anger, fear, sadness, disgust, indifference, regret, surprise, anticipation, trust, confidence, desire and joy.

“The inception of this technology was to achieve a positive singularity for the humanity. The EPU technology is all about bringing human machine interaction to the next level,” said Patrick Levy-Rosenthal.

Levy-Rosenthal strongly believes that EPU is in continuous evolution and can learn and develop its own persona (sensibility) over a period of time. The creator is also confident that the EPU will soon have a significantly broader range of applications.

“For example, it will allow an e-reader or smart speaker to understand the meaning of a story while reading it. Experiencing pain and pleasure in the voice will reflect in its state of mind, from happiness to sadness or even fear. Also, with EPU, the characters in a game will develop their own emotional states in real-time based on the game play experience with unpredictable reaction,” Levy-Rosenthal added.

The new patient certainly provides Emoshape a strategic advantage as it covers the emotion persona and learning for AI, robots and gaming, and the representation of the emotional states in colors, facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, etc.

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Emoshape Inc. is dedicated to providing a technology that teaches intelligent objects how to interact with humans to yield a favorable result. Emoshape emotion synthesis microchip (EPU) technology represents a massive leap forward for Artificial Intelligence.


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