Send personalized WhatsApp messages in scale within minutes – WhatsMany sparks a revolution for SMEs

WhatsMany is a pathbreaking app that allows SMEs to send personalised messages to 100s of people in just one go and that too in minutes. It’s user-friendly and also allows tracking of delivery status.

May 27, 2019 – No waiting for hours to send personalised WhatsApp messages to all your clients one by one. Small businesses struggling to find an easy solution to use WhatsApp in scale can finally heave a sigh of relief. A new app, “WhatsMany”, assures to bring the power of WhatsApp Business API in just 1 minutes to small and medium business owners. The revolutionary app is designed to send 100s of personalised WhatsApp messages in scale in minutes only.

WhatsMany comes with a FREE trial version.

The app features templatised messages to relieve users of the legwork of composing and editing or replying messages for multiple people. With WhatsMany, they will have readymade yet easily customisable message templates that will create powerful business messages in no time. The app will send hundreds of messages in bulk at just one go so that entrepreneurs can save more time to focus on more important aspects of their business.

The inspiration behind this pathbreaking app stems from the troubles faced by the founders while communicating with their customers over WhatsApp.

“It was quite a tedious and time-consuming thing to send WhatsApp messages to our customers one by one. The process was not scalable. Yes, there is the WhatsApp Business API but when we contacted the API folks, we got to know that they only provide support for multi-million dollar companies. It was disheartening for small & medium business owners like us. And this very challenge inspired us to come up with a revolutionary solution that will bring the power of WhatsApp Business API to SMEs as well. Thus, WhatsMany was born,” stated a leading spokesperson from WhatsMany.

The groundbreaking app is backed by 6 extensive months of development using state of the art technologies. The company has plans to include official support right from WhatsApp in near future.

Speaking further, the spokesperson highlighted on the unique features of WhatsMany:

  • 100s of personalised messages at one go – WhatsMany is designed to send personalised messages to 100s of people simultaneously, thereby saving time and energy of the sender

  • Accommodates various message contents – WhatsMany allows users to send any kind of WhatsApp messages, including PDF files, boarding passes, receipts, shipping updates as well as different transactional messages.

  • User-friendly Excel dashboard – The app comes with an Excel spreadsheet-like interface that is extremely easy to use. 

  • Everything works in cloud – WhatsMany is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any tablet or desktop, provided you have a strong internet connection. No download or installation is required here. Everything happens online and hence saves your storage space.

  • Tracking benefits – WhatsMany allows you to keep track on the delivery status of the messages sent through it.

  • No coding needed – WhatsMany does not demand any advanced tech knowledge. Basic computing skills would be enough to operate it.

It’s easy and fast to set your account in WhatsMany. The only two things you will need for registration are your phone number and email id. Once you submit those two, you can start off immediately.

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