In recent years, the wave of building economy has begun to sink to all cities in China. And what kind of possibility will the building offer for the future of the urban? In the future, there will be more and more urban buildings, and how can they “add value” to themselves? Perhaps the RECON CHINA & 2019 CHINA BUILDING ECONOMY GLOBAL COOPERATION SUMMIT (Chengdu City, June 17-19), will give us the proper answers.

The reporter learned yesterday that the RECON CHINA & 2019 CHINA BUILDING ECONOMY GLOBAL COOPERATION SUMMIT, supported by The People’s Government of Chengdu Municipality, sponsored by Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exhibitions, and co-sponsored by International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and Chengdu Association of Building Economy Promotion, will be held in Chengdu City from June 17 to 19.

International Perspective

The Academy Award of global real estate will be unveiled in Chengdu City, providing new opportunities and platforms for international awarding institutions to understand Chengdu

It is reported that this conference is the second event of the RECon China under the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) in China after Shanghai. It is understood that ICSC, as the largest professional retail real estate industry association in the world, the members of which cover more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States and Canada. However, ICSC hosts about 300 exhibitions every year, and more than 120,000 professional teams around the world attend the exhibitions.

At that time, the big shots of building economic ecology from 15 countries and regions such as the United States and the United Kingdom, will be the guests of the event, including Tom McGee, President and Chief Executive Officer of International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC); Luo Jiashun, Vice Chairman of Chia Tai Group, Co-Chairman of Chia Tai Commercial Real Estate; Jack Backen, Director of CISTRI Real Estate Economics and Research; members of ICSC Asia-Pacific Advisory Committee; Rowena Tomeldan, President of Prime Orion Properties, etc. enterprise representatives and experts in the field of building economy. The honorable guests will share the world’s leading business development concepts to the participants from the themes of “creating the subversive retail concept”, “leisure and entertainment-the new driving force of shopping malls” and “the key to success in the new consumption mode-tenant combination”. At present, the tickets are still on sale.

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Additionally, the “halo” of this international conference is more than that. The conference will also provide ICSC China Shopping Center & Retailer Award in Chengdu. “This is not only an award, but also a new opportunity and platform for international awarding institutions to understand Chengdu.” the related principals of Chengdu Association of Building Economy Promotion said.

It is understood that the selection activities of the 10 awards of the China Building Economy Award in 2019 have also been launched, the awards of which involve China’s Most Contributing Urban Complex, China’s Commercial Shopping Models, China’s Most Potential Commercial Projects, China’s Most Brand-valued Cultural and Tourism Projects, China’s Most Brand-valued Office Buildings, China’s Commercial Office Landmarks, Outstanding Institutions of China’s Building Economy, and China’s Best Cooperative Brands, China’s Urban Areas with the Best International Business Environment, China’s Urban Areas with the Most Investment Value.

It is worth mentioning that Beijing SKP, Beijing International Trade Center, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza, Shanghai K11, Shenzhen Sea World and Chengdu International Finance Square are among the candidates. “In Chengdu, I saw many world-class shopping malls.” Harris said he was impressed by the shopping malls in Chengdu. Every year, ICSC provides such awards as “Asia-Pacific Shopping Center Award” and “China Shopping Center Award” for outstanding marketing plans and excellent design and development achievements in the shopping mall industry. The shopping malls in Chengdu, such as IFS and Taikoo Li, have won the shopping mall award provided by ICSC.

Moreover, CHINA  BUILDING ECONOMY GLOBAL COOPERATION SUMMIT, held from June 17 to 19, will have an exhibition scale of 11,000 square meters. It will also set up international and urban image theme exhibition areas, new international consumption scene theme exhibition areas, building economic and ecological areas and other exhibition areas.

The Whole Nation to Participate

Provide a new opportunity for the development of building economy and become a “window” for cities to link the global building economy.

Building economy, as an important link in the optimizing urban industrial space, remolding urban economic geography, upgrading industrial carrying capacity, promoting service industry transformation and upgrading, and fostering new momentum of urban development, will continuously optimize the business environment and help enterprises to become bigger, stronger and better. Under the background of Chengdu’s building an advanced international business environment, RECON CHINA & 2019 CHINA BUILDING ECONOMY GLOBAL COOPERATION SUMMIT will provide new development opportunities for the more international Chengdu building economic environment.

Successful shopping malls and retailers are not simple business entities, but also key driving forces for building communities, promoting local economy and stimulating innovation. The three building economic conference will be held at the same time, with four themes: “focus on new projects and open up new horizons for global investment invitation”; “foster new business circles and enhance new momentum of international cities consumption”; “gather new brands and build new ecology of building economic development”; “increase new strength and create a new environment for international first-class business”. The relevant leaders of Chengdu Association of Building Economy Promotion said that the conference would forecast the future of retail sales from the new generation of consumption trends, explore how shopping centers can promote people’s better life and lead high-quality development from the aspects of urban aesthetics and spatial design of shopping centers, as well as effective research and data utilization.

In recent years, with the acceleration of urban development in China, major cities have actively joined the building economy. Building economy has become an important driving force for accelerating economic development and optimizing industrial structure. Chengdu, as the first standardization pilot city of China’s building economic city cooperation and national building economic services, is gestating endless new business opportunities under the excellent business environment. Taking this opportunity, it will also become a “window” for the national building economy to link the whole world and provide “Chengdu experience” for all cities to promote building economy.

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