Block Eco: revolutionising traditional finance through blockchain technology

The advent of cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technology has brought numerous boons,to the world, with transformative effects in global wealth creation, information transfer and process,transparency. Through innovations in the field of blockchain, we are now able to create trustless systems and thus greatly aid transactional reliability, empower remittances through the borderless,design of cryptocurrencies, and create an alternative proposition to traditional banking. The Block Eco team is very excited to be a part of the introduction of an exciting, new technology to the world, and pleased to introduce our piece of the puzzle in contribution to the ongoing development of blockchain technology.

Before introducing the project, let us lay out the context and reason for why and how Block Eco started. Until today, cryptocurrencies, by far and large, is predominantly utilised as a store of value, to be used for speculative purposes due to the volatile pricing of most cryptocurrencies. Other than that, there is limited utility to most cryptocurrencies. This creates a void with regards to fundamental value in most cryptocurrency projects, and a resulting lack of value assurance and protection for investors. Due to the defining circumstances of a nascent industry, despite tremendous growth and value creation, it is nearly impossible for people to use cryptocurrencies as an asset to obtain stable and consistent returns.

Block Eco aims to address this disconnect and empower the common people to capitalise on the upside of the blockchain industry. Why should cryptocurrency investors always face the possibility of huge losses when investing in blockchain projects, while not having any possibility of dividends? Why should blockchain investors only benefit from token price increases and not benefit from the gains reaped by a business project solely because it is in the realm of blockchain? With these overarching questions in mind, we set out to answer these questions ourselves and create a benign hegemon in the blockchain industry; the Block Eco Ecosystem.

The Block Eco Ecosystem differs from any other market participant out there. Block Eco is not an initial coin offering and the native BLEC token is not obtainable through any private or public sale. This is a commitment to our ecosystem users, and by intentional design to limit the supply of any BLEC tokens. Through simply holding digital assets in the BLEC wallet, returns are generated for our users, with returns denominated in BLEC tokens. Differing from any other volatile digital token out there, BLEC tokens has an assured value of at least 1.00 USD through our innovative asset backing pool mechanism. The basic premise of the asset backing pool is so that every BLEC token will be backed by a pool of USD, USDT, PAXOS and other stablecoin, therefore insuring the value of BLEC tokens.

Returns for our ecosystem users are generated through a module set of various endeavours; low risk application of capital to trading strategies and market making, affiliate revenue through partner integrations, and asset lending to businesses. Through these low-risk to no-risk endeavours, we ensure that assets are simultaneously value-protected while generating stable and consistent returns for the end user; you. In the future, we plan to implement more sophisticated machine learning trading algorithms and derivative market strategies, which is still largely untapped for cryptocurrency markets. BLEC Tokens will serve as our ecosystem platform currency, with tremendous use cases in both crypto and fiat trading, gaming, offline goods and services internationally, and many more in the pipeline.

Our vision and goal for Block Eco is an asset and investment proposition that is in no way inferior to any mainstream equity or bond you can possibly buy, while having extensive use cases just like a normal fiat currency, while retaining the upside of buying into an exciting and growing industry. We welcome you to join the Block Eco project today, and look forward to achieving the financial goals of our users together with us. 

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