FINDEX, the world’s leading digital asset trading platform, is coming

FINDEX is one of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms. It provides global trading services for US dollar legal currency to digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS. FINDEX is operated by FIND Company Limited. The core team comes from well-known world-renowned companies.

About FIND Exchange CEO-Brat:

Born in California in 1982, Brat graduated from the University of California, USA, and is a professional block chain technology programmer. He officially founded the Find Exchange in 2017.

The FIND Digital Asset Exchange brings together the world’s top talents and uses innovative technology to monitor the security of the platform. The FIND digital asset exchange uses professional financial methods to bring stable digital asset custody to investors, and uses scientifically rigorous currency issuance mechanisms, guarantee mechanisms and destruction mechanisms to create high value for platform certification. The FIND Digital Asset Exchange shares the results of exchange development with a large number of digital currency investors to jointly establish the largest digital asset trading platform in the world.

FIND is committed to building the world’s largest digital asset trading platform. How to maximize the user acquisition, how to maximize the user and platform stickiness is the starting point for the FIND team to develop products. The emergence of digital escrow transaction services is the pain point of face-to-face digital asset investment transactions – the market is volatile. This increases the time cost and difficulty of digital asset investment benefits for most investors. The FIND digital asset escrow transaction service can reduce the threshold for investors to invest in digital assets. On the other hand, we are able to provide investors with a stable and high return on investment. Our investors include Flag, Barclays, JPMorgan Chase and other world-renowned financial institutions.

Our team is made up of the delivery and recommendation of the investors. The entire FIND team members come from Google, Amazon, Facebook, Ruibo, bitcoin core and other world-renowned institutions and organizations. They have extensive industry experience in blockchain technology research, blockchain digital asset trading, artificial intelligence, big data, financial investment, and market operations.

FIND managed transactions include: quantitative trading of digital currencies, hedging transactions, leverage trading and futures trading.

FIND strikes with overwhelming momentum. The world’s first exchange of top-level short-term professional operators officially develops custody transactions, and participants can entrust their assets to professional operations to achieve profitability. The FIND platform currency is also ingenious, and the Find will be released according to the transaction fee to ensure the stable appreciation of the value of the platform currency. We believe that these highlights will absorb a large number of participants and traffic. FIND will become a star in the digital currency exchange.

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