Capture the 100 billion-grade market, Myou is the killer of revolutionary traditional animation

Foreword: One piece, Naruto, Spider-Man… this classic animation we have chased gave us indelible memories. High-quality animation IP gives people great inspiration, but also brings great benefits to enterprises.

Nowadays, the animation industry has become a very large industry. According to a recent report issued by Digi-Capital, an investment bank, the market size of the animation industry is increasing by 50% annually, and the global revenue of animation software and hardware will exceed $200 billion in 2019.

However, in the $100 billion market, classic animation IP is becoming less and less. At present, the centralized animation industry, profits are almost monopolized by giants companies, animation homogeneity is serious. Due to lack of funds, excellent artists and teams have very limited living space. Good animation IP creativity is often stillborn. In the situation of industry stalemate, the decline of animation quality is inevitable.

Now, Myou wants to change all of this, using blockchain technology to empower the animation industry and create a decentralized animation ecosystem…

Myou: Breaker of Traditional Animation Industry

According to the whitepaper, Myou is a non-profit organization founded in Singapore. It is based on blockchain technology to create a new form of Collaborative Creative ecological network for the global animation field. Let the global animation creators dock quickly and effectively to form a new way of production and creation. Myou Token Ecology includes main chains and cloud platforms, developers, copyright companies and consumers.

Genral speaking, its intention is that the area of animation will be enabled by the blockchain ecological technology to create a brand new mode of animation on the chain. In this de-centralized ecology, it is very beneficial to developers, copyright enterprises and consumers, and makes the animation industry go on the road of sound development.

The centralized market is at an impasse

Just look at the current development of the animation industry first. At present, the serious centralization of the animation market often faces the following problems:

First, the distribution model is inefficient. Traditional animation IP creators often use such a centralized distribution platform as “Quick View”. IP screening is not transparent and efficient, the creator’s return is unreasonable, the distribution process is not monitored, and the use of copyright is not transparent and open. These problems lead to the inefficiency of the whole animation industry.

Second, copyright is not guaranteed. For profit purposes, it is common for operators to transfer animation content to third-party platforms in private, create fake flow, and enforce copyright registration of other people’s works. The copyright of the animation creator’s works can not be effectively protected, and often can not get a fair return, resulting in excellent works can not be continuously updated.

Thirdly, dark box operation leads to vicious competition. The animation distribution platform and operators control traffic statistics by using black box operation or even generating false data directly on the server, resulting in limited and unfair returns for animation IP writers.

Fourth, the promotion efficiency is low. Animation promotion channels connect animation IP operators and creator developers, on the other hand, animation IP will recommend animation users, and gain revenue from it. However, the copyright of animation IP only belongs to animation operators, and the quality evaluation and revenue acquisition of animation promotion channels depend on the “trust relationship” of animation operators. The animation promotion channels can not and can not get real feedback on the promotion efficiency, which leads to the decline of the promotion efficiency of animation channels, and can not be further optimized and transformed. Thus, the serious centralization is the root cause of the “animation market is expanding while high-quality IP is scarce”.

Create a decentralized animation ecology

Myou upholds the concept of highly liberalized animation ecological environment and is committed to creating a decentralized animation ecological environment. Through the cross-chain agreement with EThereum and the unique non-tampering distributed accounting record characteristics of blockchain, the animation traceability cloud platform is constructed. Through the sub-chain of landing project and corresponding DAPP application, the problems of information animation traceability, copyright protection and precise marketing in the process of animation IP development, creation, public relations, distribution and terminal consumption are solved, which provides fast and accurate marketing for animation IP developers. Efficient development of cloud service collection to solve the “infringed, trusted” problem for distribution enterprises and consumers.

In Myou ecosystem, everyone can participate in the creation, everyone can invest in works, creators can set prices and trading methods for their works through Myou, in order to obtain fair benefits; copyright of works can be protected advantageously; consumers can get different rewards from copyright enterprises through free scanner queries.

Main Chain + Multi-Side Chain to Realize Ecological Layout

Myou’s core logic and animation operation logic are based on Intelligent contracts, and all key data such as animation digital assets, core operations in the animation process and the results of random number generation are recorded on the chain, all behaviors are open and transparent.

Myou mainly uses the form of main chain + multi-side chain to realize the ecological layout. Considering the high-intensity interaction and high real-time requirements of animation scenes, Myou protocol uses PoW+PoS consensus main chain with high throughput, and cooperates with multiple animation/function side chains with their own consensus mechanism to achieve security and efficiency at the same time.

Myoumainchain adopts a hybrid consensus mechanism of PoW(Proof of Work) + PoS(Proof of Stake). The main chain is only used for the issuance, settlement and value transfer of derivative digital assets, while the operation of specific business (animation) is handed over to the side chain with higher efficiency.

International Team

The core members of the Myou project team come from all over the world. They have worked in world-renowned companies such as Microsoft, Goldman Sachs and Citibank. Myou CEO Reza Far, who won the TOP10 Canadian Young Entrepreneur Award in 1998, 1999 and 2001, holds important positions in several groups in the Middle East, covering real estate, information technology, logistics, crude oil and other industries.

Myou’s CTO Ivan Koma has worked at Microsoft Research Institute as a senior software engineer with unique insights into blockchain technology.

CFO Manuel Giner has studied at New York University and University of London. He has worked at Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Blackstone and other well-known institutions. He has more than ten years of experience in traditional investment banks and block chain investment analysis.

In addition, members of the project’s Advisory Committee have made outstanding achievements in the animation industry. Later, the project will be given professional guidance.

Does MYOU have investment value?

Like other projects, Myou will issue its own project token MYOU, a total of 990 million. As for the investment value of tokens, it needs to be seen from various dimensions. First of all, from the perspective of the market prospects of the project. The scale of China’s quadratic element market continues to expand, with the animation industry alone reaching 150 billion yuan in 2017. According to experts, the market size of the animation industry will exceed 250 billion yuan by 2020. Myou is aiming at the great potential of quadratic element metaculture in China, and will devote a lot of manpower and material resources to serve secondary users and promote the orderly development of quadratic element metaculture in China. Secondly, from the feasibility of the project. At present, Softbank of Japan, Sony, Shueisha and Myou have reached cooperation. With the efforts of many parties, we will promote more brand customers to link animation IP copyright, so that Myou can quickly enter the market. In addition, Myou project has attracted the attention of venture capital, such as BA Capital, KBC Capital, FUNK Capital, Creative Capital, Wanchain Capital and other institutions. In the future, with the support of capital, the landing of projects can be accelerated.

In addition, from the perspective of the distribution of tokens, it is more reasonable. Of the 990 million tokens, 33% are based on cornerstone investors and community public offerings, 15% are used to reward the founding team and the continuous contribution of the development team in the development of the Myou Protocol, 8.5% for community incentives, 8.5% For developer incentives, 30% is used to distribute the benefits to the node, and 5% is awarded to the consultant team that supports the Myou project.


The centralization problem that has led to the decline of the animation industry needs to be solved urgently. Blockchain technology has a strong potential in the animation industry, but it takes time. In the long run, this project has investment value. However, the current cryptocurrency market is still not mature, and the rise and fall of the currency price is the norm. Investors can judge the value of the project from various dimensions according to their own risk tolerance situation, and can also pay attention to the progress of the project.

(Risk Tip: Investment is risky and requires caution when entering the market. This article does not constitute investment advice.)

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