TechTemple and Global Partners Launch the Global Entrepreneur Open Platform (GEOP)

On May 25th, 2019, more than 600 entrepreneurs, investors, and media professionals from around the world gathered in Shenzhen to witness the launch of the Global Entrepreneur Open Platform (GEOP), a global startup platform that empowers entrepreneurs to run their business with a global vision. TechTemple, along with six strategic partners, led the launch of GEOP.

Mr. Wang Hao, founder of TechTemple, gave an opening statement on TechTemple empowering global entrepreneurs by presenting innovative global opportunities. Mr. Wang believes 2019 presents both opportunities and challenges, including competition and collaboration for global entrepreneurs. He encouraged entrepreneurs to develop an international mindset and apply it to all facets of a business in order to run it successfully on a global scale. He stated that GEOP’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs by connecting them to resources to achieve their full potential.

The Summit continued with the launch of the “Global Entrepreneur Open Platform (GEOP).” The GEOP seeks to connect tech hubs from different geographical locations and provide a network that truly empowers entrepreneurs with global vision. GEOP aims to connect tech hubs in different geographical locations and provide a network that truly empowers entrepreneurs with global visions. With strategic partners in Fund Raising, Technology, Marketing, Talents, Media, and Communities, GEOP empowers entrepreneurs to land their businesses in global tech centers.


Entrepreneurship comes with exacting challenges that are nevertheless rewarding. Richard Robinson,Peking University professor, addressed challenges entrepreneurs might face through his own personal experience. With 22 years spent in China, Mr. Robinson has a profound understanding of the difficulties in running a business in a geographically and culturally distant market. He encouraged all entrepreneurs to focus on effort and attitude, the two sole factors under one’s control in starting a business.

In the next part of the Summit, TechTemple’s six GEOP launch partners presented their point of views on how they empower entrepreneurs by joining GEOP.

To start a business, the right financial investment is key. Mr. Jason Ji, SPD Silicon Valley Bank technology innovation director, gave a speech on the efforts made by SPD Silicon Valley Bank to empower entrepreneurs. With years of experience in the VC and finance industry, Mr. Ji shared his view that enterprises focused on scientific and technological innovations are responsible for supporting entrepreneurs throughout the various stages of entrepreneurship. From distinctive financing solutions to domestic and oversea exits, SPD Silicon Valley Bank provides expert financial services tailored for the unique needs of startups in supporting entrepreneurs.

Mr. Dai Wen, AWS (Amazon Web Service) Solutions Architect Manager, shared how AWS empowers entrepreneurs through comprehensive support of infrastructure and technical services. With AWS’s strong international reputation and products, Mr. Dai believes it provides powerful support for entrepreneurs to position their business internationally.

Mr. Liu Jing, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business•Chuang Community Ecosystem Development Director,tackled the question of how to empower entrepreneurs with his thoughts on the role of incubators. He believes an incubator should provide a community beyond the traditional office space to also offer resource. The Chuang Community joins the GEOP hoping to provide guidance and essential training on entrepreneurship.

Mr. Xu Fanlei, Research Director, Mr. Niu Lie, corporate innovation director of XNode Corporate Innovation Director, and Mr. Li Yanguang, OPT Holding China Business Development Office Manager, Inc all presented on empowering global entrepreneurs with their individual distinctive expertise.

Two panels themed “Going Global—Opportunities for Chinese Projects Oversea,” and “How I started—Global Entrepreneurs Startup Experience in Shenzhen” consisted of entrepreneurs with particular backgrounds from Startup Grind Shenzhen, Mutrics, Aftership, Zen & Zany, Relay, Britwood, and 5X Ventures. The panelists discussed the growth opportunities in the Internationalization of Chinese companies and in establishing businesses in the Chinese market.

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