Until2 breaks fashion rules to disrupt the fashion industry worldwide

Until2 breaks fashion rules to disrupt the fashion industry worldwide

Innovative fashion brand, Until2, breaks away from the norm in the fashion industry to create award-winning designs, unique, and creative pieces.

Until2 has announced its entry into the fashion industry in a rather unconventional way by creating unique pieces to attract every fashion lover worldwide. The brand aims to change the world of fashion, breaking the barriers created by location and culture and ultimately treat its customers to the best of stylish yet comfortable clothes. 

The fashion industry has indeed evolved over the years with the emergence of different stakeholders across the industry. Fashion brands are particularly important in the scheme of things in the fashion industry. This is so as they somewhat set the trend in the fashion world as they continue to work tirelessly to create new, trendy, and stylish pieces to meet the diverse needs of their customers. While there are several brands that are seemingly unique for their style, it is quite difficult to deny the existence of “unspoken rules” that the stakeholders in the industry adhere to. However, Until2 is looking to make a difference by not only failing to adhere to these rules but actually making statements in the fashion industry.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different,” says Coco Chanel. The brains behind Until2 have stayed true to this statement by basically bringing the future of fashion to the present. The brand currently offers three categories of products – the “XOXO” Sincerely Rude collection, the CoastPark Signature collection, and the Newell Taylor Fitness set.

The “XOXO” Sincerely Rude collection offers women a unique swimsuit set made with adjustable straps on both sides for a perfect. The set comes in eye-catching and head-turning design, made with crisp colors and vivid patterns.

The CoastPark Signature collection includes the CoastPark “Trio” Set made 100% purely from organic and recycled blends. Each of the hand-sewn and custom crafted shirts saves at least 4 plastic bottles from ending up in a landfill. Consequently, wearers are able to save the planet and turn heads all at the same time.

Newell Taylor Fitness Collection set has been described as “the most comfortable workout gear you’ll ever wear.” Made with lightweight, comfortable, sweat-wicking fabric, the gear is designed for superior support and flexibility with its eye-catching 300+ DPI print helping fitness enthusiasts to make a statement.

Each of the collections by the brand is unique on their own while offering fashion lovers the best of clothing and fashion without necessarily sacrificing their comfort. “We knew that we had to really focus on making clothes that you couldn’t pick up in the store, we wanted the quality to remain second to none,” said Shaun Williams, co-founder of Until2.

“We also wanted to focus on fit. If it was something I couldn’t move in or if I had to really question durability. I didn’t want to make these clothes,” added Cherise Raymond. The task was tall and difficult. How do you make clothes that look good, feel good and still remain stylish? “I know a little graphic design, but the reality is we had no idea on how to make a sock, let alone a T-shirt,” said Shaun. “Our passion drove this project. This is high quality fashions at extremely reasonable pricing. We worked hard to bring customers the best. And we hope you give us an opportunity and try one of our designs. Once you put it on, you will fall in love”.

More information about Until2 and the fashion solutions offered can be found on their website.

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