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“, a standard movie rating website is turning out to be one of the most favorable sites for all the movie buffs for its simplistic approach and efficient performance.”

Bengaluru, India – Sachin Anchan A B, the Co-Founder of, said while talking about his website, “Hoblist is the most simple movie ranking site out there and I’m sure it’ll become the most trusted movie crowd ranking and review website.” Well, among various sites competing over little things and almost non-existent features, here’s, which aims at providing its user base with the best movie suggestions in the simplest of ways, one of the Best Movie Rating Websites.

While people have a plethora of movies to choose from, it’s obvious for you to get confused these days thinking about what are the Best Movies to watch, as you are mostly unsure of the critic reviews going around the internet. Also, different critics have different reviews of the same movie. You need the Best Movie Review Website for the purpose. Therefore, to counter all these problems, the best solution comes in the form of people. After all, who else can judge the Top Movies To Watch better than the people who watch a lot of them? Hoblist works on the simple tried and tested formula of voting by its users. Therefore, all the movies being shown in the list of top movies are ranked according to the upvotes and downvotes that they get from its viewers. Depending upon your taste, you can scroll through the categories of your liking until you reach the one you want. So, it seems Hoblist has in it to be the Best Movie Ranking Website!

On the site, if you find movies worth watching, you can give them an upvote from your side as well. Similarly, you have access to downvote them if they fail to please you. This way, when multiple users share their views, it forms a community which gives you a better outlook on what to watch, thus giving you the list of best movies to watch. When you have relatable suggested movies to watch, you would realize what it is like to be suggested by fellow movie watchers. A simple yet efficient way to watch movies!

About Hoblist:

Developed by Geeksynergy Technologies Private Limited under Sachin AB, the website is a movie rating website which garners users vote and sets movie rating according to it, which in turn users to get the list of best movies to watch!  

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