Bicycling Shown to Protect Against Various Serious Diseases

According to research, bicycling has been shown to protect against a range of diseases, including but not limited to stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and even some cancers. In fact, one study conducted over the course of 14 years with 30,000 individuals between the ages of 20 and 93 found that regular bicycling protected against heart disease. How so? Riding a bike strengthens your heart muscles, reduces blood fat levels, and lowers your resting pulse. It’s quite incredible, isn’t it? The health benefits of physical activity are widely recognized, but are you taking part?

Whether you’ve been thinking about getting into bicycling or you’re an avid biker looking to find some new gear, there’s quite a few options throughout the GTA. Although some people fear the cost of getting into a hobby like bicycling, it’s actually quite affordable when compared to buying and operating a car. After all, bikes don’t require any gas and they’re free to park. They’re also less expensive to maintain.

Where Should You Turn to Buy a Bike in Toronto, ON?

RSD Bikes, located in Toronto, ON, offers a range of expertly crafted bikes to suit the needs of anyone looking to purchase a bike. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced, experienced bicyclist, RSD Bikes is able to help. Their range of bikes includes fat bikes, an off-road bicycle with oversized tires that’s perfect for soft, unstable terrain, as well as hardtail mountain bikes, a bike with a solid frame and a suspension fork on the front for smoother terrain.

They also have full suspension bikes, which feature a suspension fork up front and a rear shock for greater handling and control. One of their most popular full suspension bikes, “Wildcat,” was named after their street. Each style of bike has various options to better meet the specific needs of any given bicyclist.

Why Choose RSD Bikes for Your Next Purchase?

RSD Bikes was founded in 2012, however, they have over 25 years of experience with bicycling. They’re a team of bike enthusiasts who have been riding hardtail mountain bikes for quite a long time. They’re knowledgeable as they’re experienced riders themselves, which means they’re able to sit down and talk about your specific needs and desires to help you find the perfect bike.

In addition, they design each bike from the ground up with their own designs. Each bike they create starts with a paper sketch before they move onto prototyping. All bicycles in their shop are put through a rigorous process, in order to ensure the highest possible quality. They know that biking is an incredible way to get outside and live in the moment. After all, we’re all connected to technology more than ever before nowadays.

That’s why RSD Bikes aims to provide an escape to the great outdoors with their range of bikes – allowing their customers to get the perfect bike for their unique needs so they can get outside and reduce stress, improve physical fitness, and above all, enjoy their ride.

About RSD Bikes

RSD Bikes, located in Toronto, ON, designs mountain bikes from the ground up – from sourcing custom-butted tubes to manufacturing CNC-machined components and frame parts. They create and sell high quality bikes to meet the needs of any customer.

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