Healthee Kitchen – Bringing Convenience into Healthy Eating

The consumption of junk food has been growing over the past few decades. Despite the universal awareness of the associated health risks, the fast food industry shows no sign of contracting – forecasts from Allied Market Research point to its global value being just under $800,000 million by 2022.

A large part of this is the ongoing appeal of the convenience of fast food. With our ever-busier lives, constantly on the go with work and/or family life, preparing a quality healthy meal slips to the bottom of our priority list. Exacerbating this is the comedown effect from our busy social and working lives – we generally return home exhausted and turn to our digital entertainment products for downtime, again squeezing out time to focus on a healthy meal.

The health risks are well known around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasises the vital role that is played by a healthy diet in preventing heart disease, strokes, diabetes and cancer. WHO Member States have been set strict targets on improving diets in its plan for preventing non-communicable diseases and its plan to improve health outcomes for children and adolescents.

In Canada, these messages are being reiterated at a national level. Heart & Stroke list the numerous benefits of a healthy diet, while in 2019 Health Canada launched its high profile healthy eating strategy, with a new dedication to improving healthy eating information and widening access to nutritious foods.

“While it’s great to see so much global and national focus on healthy eating, unfortunately the way our lifestyles have changed in the last 20 years means people will nearly always opt for the easy option – junk food,” says a spokesperson for Healthee Kitchen, a Toronto-based service that delivers ready-made, highly nutritious food direct to customers.

“In recognition of the importance of a healthy diet, at Healthee Kitchen we have put our focus firmly on making people’s health goals as easily achievable as possible. As people’s education and awareness of healthy eating grows, thanks to initiatives by the WHO and Health Canada, then the will and desire is definitely there – we’re just bringing a dose of realism to the situation by acknowledging the impact of our frantic, ‘always-on’ lifestyles.”

Healthee Kitchen has a range of food options depending on individual tastes and dietary requirements. They are developing coverage of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free needs, meaning no-one is excluded. Customers choose their preferred meal plan from the Healthee Kitchen website and make their order, which needs to be at least one day in advance. Lunch and dinner are covered, and there is even a special business lunch option.

“Again, it’s all about convenience,” added the spokesperson, “and removing any barrier that may be obstructing the achievement of that healthy diet. Our in-house chefs and nutritionists take all the stress out of it – they plan a tasty and healthy meal, put the time and effort intothe preparation, and at the end of it we do the washing up! Meals are delivered direct to customers in a single,neat microwavable box.”

Healthee Kitchen delivers to Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Brampton, Markham and Thornhill.They can be contacted on 647-901-3393 and their website is at

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