“Bad Ass Babes” Pushes the Limits of Gaming with Innovative Gameplay and Adult Features

The multi-billion dollar gaming industry is quickly becoming the most popular form of entertainment for many key demographics including young and adult males. This burgeoning industry has produced dozens of rock star game designers, among them young Australian Andrew Thatcher.  Andrew has already found commercial success with his game “Urban Lockdown” which was based on the cinematic intellectual property of the same name and modelled on the same visual style of games like “Mortal Kombat” that feature live action sprites.  His latest game “Bad Ass Babes” utilizes a similar visual style with a side-scroller format, outlandish storyline, memorable characters, and bone-shattering action.

“Bad Ass Babes” sports Andrew’s signature brand of action.  The heroes of the story are all gorgeous, scantily dressed femme fatales who kick, punch and unleash violence in some of the most ridiculous manner possible.  Unlike most of his contemporaries, Andrew has also ratcheted up the amount of nudity in his free-to-play game.  Tastefully employed, these adult features not only contribute to the appeal of the game, but are also integral to the fighting styles of the characters. Avatars may whip off their lingerie so that they can inflict maximum damage with their enhanced anatomical features or produce a devastating move on their opponents.

This game is currently in development with over ten months of design and programming already completed. “Bad Ass Babes” will soon be available on PC’s and Android devices, but Andrew has invited the gaming public to view his game demo here and help finance the next step in gaming evolution.  He has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the $15,000 needed to complete production and make “Bad Ass Babes” the success it deserves to be. In return for funding this project, backers can receive perks like advance game copies, game images, posters, feature a social media account in the game, or business promotion in the game. But the perk on offer that is most exciting is the opportunity for backers to serve as a model for a game character.

To learn more about “Bad Ass Babes”  or to make a financial donation, please visit http://kck.st/1Jv8zMB

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