DreamVest Capital Announces Bus Tour to Unveil Latest Emerging Real Estate Market

Leading real estate investment firm, DreamVest Capital, announces its latest ‘Investor Bus Tour’ in the heart of the Golden State’s Central Valley – Fresno, California.

The ‘Real Estate Investor Bus Tour’ is an event organized by one of the region’s leading providers of real estate-oriented investments, DreamVest Capital.  Otherwise known as the “Fall in Love With Fresno Bus Tour,” the event is scheduled to be held on Saturday, June 8, 2019 and is aimed at providing attendees with an “inside look” at the operations of the company, why the Fresno market is on the rise, and which types of investments are generating the greatest returns.

According to Bill Guting, the company’s co-founder and President, “one of our key strategies is to scour the country to identify emerging real estate markets, which we believe can be one of the most profitable types of markets to invest in – as long as you’re buying right.”

“An emerging market”, he continues, “is one that’s still a bit sleepy.  Under the radar.  And the image of it tends to be somewhat negative… or ho-hum.  It’s also a market where the general public doesn’t quite understand how or why that specific area is supposedly up-and-coming.  That’s a big part of what creates the opportunity.”

So what’s the #1 tip-off that a market is emerging?  “Job growth”, says Guting.  “So when you start seeing things like local leadership that’s very pro-business, or tax incentives being doled out by the city or county, or a diversifying job base, you have the rumblings of a potential emerging market.”

“Our investor bus tour will showcase all that and will really be eye-opening”, he adds.  “Attendees will get an insider’s perspective on why we feel this market has so much potential, and also get to preview some past and current projects to get an idea which types of investments are generating the best and safest returns.”

The “Fall in Love with Fresno Bus Tour” is a free event designed for both passive and active investors, and will provide attendees an opportunity to meet team members, gain an ‘inside track’ on upcoming deals, discover insights and strategies on real estate investing, and network with like-minded people in a fun, exciting atmosphere.

Interested persons can apply and get more information about the bus tour here – https://marketing_a86a.gr8.com/.

More information about DreamVest Capital can be found on their website.

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DreamVest Capital Management is an investment firm catering to busy professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and hands-off private investors who are looking to increase, replace, or supplement their income with passive cash flow from real estate-oriented investments.

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