NHU’s better future: Enhance brand value, Extend composite impact

Bo Nongli Wiki declassification and Vitamin Biography first ceremony was launched ceremoniously in Nanning, Guangxi on April 17, 2019, which was sponsored by Beijing feed industry association, Guangxi feed industry association and the Beijing Bo Nongli Biotech Co., Ltd. Domestic and overseas well-known monomer vitamin manufacturers and suppliers, domestic well-known feed enterprises, breeding enterprises, stock framing media attended as guests.

Miss Chen Wei made a report called Vitamin’s Product Pattern and Market Development at the ceremony, who from the Marketing Department of the NHU Nutrition Division. She launched the report to publicize and implement NHU’s brand from the development of NHU, Vitamin’s opportunities and challenges, Vitamin’s derivatives, sustainable development of the four aspects.

Extend composite impact while taking the leading position

In the past few years, there are a lot of speculators in the vitamin industry on account of the growing demand for feed in all regions of the globe and the demand for vitamins. The news that some new manufacturers are about to enter the vitamin market appear in succession. As a whole, the competition in the vitamin industry is fierce.

NHU insists on improving techniques and product quality all the time, in the context of the industry, to promote its brand competitiveness and meet the needs of the market. NHU’s comprehensive competitiveness and industry influence on animal nutrition products are increasing through years of effort and accumulation.

Miss Chen Wei emphasized NHU’s active involvement in Vitamin market when she made the report. On the other hand, the report also showed NHU’s confidence and determination of serving clients and helping them grow better.

Enhance brand value to attract clients

Products’ quality and service are always the key points that the company applied to improve in the process of NHU’s development. In 2018, NHU’s Nutrition Division finished an item named Vitamin Quality Improvement Program that obtained the global big clients’ consistent approval. Meanwhile, the Nutrition Research Institute of NHU is carrying out some research work related to preparation techniques and animal’s nutrition.  In order to provide customers with theories and technical supports.

Making good and reliable products is NHU’s production concept. The company insists on providing the service that is more nutritious and more comprehensive for its clients. NHU is always on the road to enhance its brand value while it is also making an effort to improve the technology and products continuously.

This report not only showed what NHU did in the past but also let the industry insiders have a thorough understanding of the company’s development and future planning. The report had played a very important role in the market development, customer service and brand promotion of NHU.

NHU’s better future

Over the years, NHU concentrates on improving the quality of vitamins and provides its output steadily. As a large producer of vitamins, NHU takes market and clients as its goals and updates techniques to help their development and has invited some high—tech products which can give people a more pleasant life.

NHU pursues not only its own efficiency but also environment protection. At a time when environmental problems are getting a lot of attention, NHU persists in developing products that are friendly to earth and is responsible for humans and society. For NHU, building ecological factories is an important thing to realize the harmonious development between man and nature.

In the future, NHU will move on with its ideas and assist its clients to develop better which can also help NHU develop itself.

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