Malan Breton Announces Their New Fragrance “II III VI”, With Essence of legendary flower Malan Hua

Malan Breton Announces Their New Fragrance \

USA – Malan Breton, one of the worlds most celebrated fashion brands. Proudly announces the launch of their first fragrance named “II III VI”. This is one of the most anticipated product releases in the fashion world, one that will change the way fragrance is created, marketed, and sold globally.

“II III VI” is an art deco masterpiece that embodies the esssence of NYC, Taipei, London, and Paris. The Bottle Design is a signature Malan Breton Deco in Black Lacquer, designed in Paris by Breton. The fragrance, developed in France and the UK, contains eight notes, from eight cities of the world all scents meeting at the Malan Breton 5th Avenue New York address. II III VI is a scent that melds country notes, with the sleek energy of the city.

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Every designer fragrance has a story that resonates with the consumer, and its brand. “II III VI” tells a story of heart, tradition, and humanity all things important to Malan Breton, his desire is to create a fragrance that assumes, adapts, and moves with all genders. A scent that lifts ones spirits, and embodies the essence of its wearer. The bottle is a Museum quality piece that customers will cherish for generations to come designed by Breton to mirror his handmade fine jewelry collection.

II III VI has eight notes from eight cities of the world, recognized as a compass of global culture. The fragrance also includes the Malan Hua Iris note, a legendary flower that lives as one of the greatest natural mythological elements in Asia. The fragrance itself is developed in France, and the UK, and made in the UK.

Malan Breton, II III VI, the fragrance, will be made available globally this fall. Breton hopes this scent will inspire its wearer to feel joy hope, to inspire dreams, and journeys on the global horizon.

About Malan Breton

Malan Breton is a Taiwanese-born, New York fashion designer, filmmaker, actor, and costume designer. Over the years, Malan has dressed over a hundred celebrities, entertainers, and public figures.

He is in partnership with many brands and the recipient of countless awards including the 2016 FGI Rising Star Award, the 2015 European Fashion Council’s Eirene Award and 2016 Taiwan Tourism Award.

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