Dock Bumpers Are Saving Boats From Getting Damaged

Dock Bumpers Are Saving Boats From Getting Damaged

Your watercraft is your baby. You have to protect it from damage that could happen at any time when it’s on the water. Dock bumpers are one of the best ways to protect your watercraft or boat. Protecting your boat not only keeps it looking beautiful but saves you money on costly repairs. 

Bumpers are Buffers Between Possible Damage and Your Watercraft 

A dock bumper is a product constructed to absorb shock that can damage a watercraft or boat while it’s docked. This type of device shouldn’t be confused with a boat fender which is also attached to a boat. Bumpers tend to be fastened in a more permanent manner where boat fenders tend to hang off the side of the boat.  

Boat fenders do not provide nearly as much protection for a boat that’s docked. This means that a boat with just a boat fender is vulnerable to sustaining some kind of damage.  One of the issues with boat fenders is rolling as the boat moves around – sometimes they roll out of position leaving your boat vulnerable. This type of damage could be a hole in the side of the boat or a crack because it hit the dock too hard during a windy, rainstorm. Thus, it’s better to obtain a bumper for your boat or watercraft. 

How Boat Docks Work to Prevent Damage 

Sometimes, a boat can suffer damage after it’s docked. The water tends to shove and/or jostle the watercraft or boat against the docks. The movement of the boat creates a problem because they are constructed of fiberglass or aluminum. This means they can easily sustain damage or even damage the dock itself. The purpose of installing dock bumpers is to prevent the damage from occurring. Having bumpers positioned in higher impact areas keeps your dock protected as well as your boat.

Types of Bumpers to Protect Your Boat or Watercraft 

These protective bumpers are available in different sizes and shapes. Thus, you can pick the right bumper for your watercraft or boat dock. For example, you can pick from side or horizontal mounted bumpers, vertical, and corner bumpers to cover 90-degree corners. 

The bumpers are available in different materials too. The most common type of bumpers for watercraft is vinyl or plastic. These are the more economical options.  These products are inferior to foam though. C-Marine bumpers are made from a solid urethane memory type foam and are the best option available. Foam bumpers last longer and provide more protection than their counterparts when it comes to high impacts and constant use.  Many times spending the money up front as an investment will save you over the long run when it comes to potential damage to your boat and dock (which can be very expensive). 

Get a Bumper to Protect Your Investment 

You’ve probably seen it happen to many of your boating friends. They never installed a bumper on their boat or watercraft. While it’s docked, it sustains damage. Now they have a costly repair or repairs. 

Yes, your boat or watercraft is your baby. It’s also a major investment. That’s why it’s important to think about protecting your investment with a bumper. They are available in many styles and material. Finding the right one for your needs and budget is the decision you need to make. Choosing C-Marine high-end solid foam bumpers is the best option on the market.  You can find them at who is an exclusive dealer for over 14 years.

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