Many Companies’ Old Technology is Finding New Life

Many Companies\' Old Technology is Finding New Life

Have you thought about what happens to companies discarded computers? If you throw a computer or any electronic waste in the trash for the weekly garbage pickup, you might not give it a second thought. As consumers of numerous electric goods like laptops, iPads, and more, we have a responsibility to understand the harmful effects of disposals and act accordingly. 

Ethics of Social and Environmental Responsibility

Taking your old computer to a recycling location does not always solve the problem. Do not assume that the dropped off or disposed-of electronic debris going into local landfill is an acceptable result, this is not acceptable. Furthermore, according to the Basel Action Network, a nonprofit team of advocates promoting environmental justice, there is a temptation for so-called recycling companies to encourage people to drop off their electronics to their facility. Subsequently, they deceivingly farm it out to other countries for massive profits. Therefore, it is far more efficient to go to a company like the one found at

Tempted by the larger profit gains and at the expense of our environment, our electronic wastes become a serious pollutant. As a result, less fortunate, poorer populations in third world countries find themselves working with these toxic wastes.

Here is an example of how it all rolls out: A pretend establishment loads the E-waste into a container, ships it over to another country, and individuals hired at a low pay rate dismantle and melt down the computers and electronics. During the sorting out and dissolving process of all the components found in computers, toxic fumes occur. Unprotected, their health is at risk and excessive pollutants enter the air and water.

To stop this sequence of events, it is essential to only work with principled businesses. For example, at Exit Technologies, there is a clear process in place that guarantees that this business adheres to their promises. This basic first step is essential to end the disastrous flow of electronic dumping. Ask their experts about their procedures and more information about how they follow the chain of appropriate actions on recycling from beginning to end with an R2 Certification.

Working Together Improves Success Rates

The overall importance of following policies on the environment and the health and the safety of everyone set in place by the Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS) ensures that all parties follow the proper regulations. Without the cooperation of everyone, the system breaks down to chaos. This is a massive project. 

For example, the road-map guidelines outlined by the National Strategy for Electronics Stewardship (NSES) works with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Furthermore, there is the Interagency Task Force on Electronics Stewardship leading the way. Composed of federal, state, and local agencies and departments, retailers, stakeholders, recycling plants, and individuals within communities gather together to achieve this feat facing us. 

Thus, the next time you have a computer to discard, remember the ramifications. For the safety and health of the entire world, take the time to find out where to drop off your E-waste. Look over the policies of the business. Find out if they have an R2 Certification. This certification ensures all the proper procedures followed. Together, through awareness and commitment, we can enjoy technology and discard correctly. 

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