A new 3D printable role-playing game set by Aether Studios is breaking open a new market with a unique print at home concept

With evolving times, the world of gaming is expanding its reach into higher realms of entertainment and creating an ultra-modern and dynamic industry driven by constantly chasing a changing customer. Role-playing games have always been a favorite amongst gamers for the elaborate themes and effects that they offer. Aether Studios is launching its brand new RPG game terrain titled Swamp of Sorrows and is redefining the gaming world with an interesting theme and highly detailed 3D printable game sets.

The project was recently launched on Kickstarter and achieved a commendable feat by reaching its set funding goal merely within an hour- a testament to the great potential held by the gaming venture.

Swamp of Sorrows revolves around a set of multi-use terrain and miniatures, all of which the customer can print at home or at a library with a 3d printer. In the dark swamp that they have created, unfathomable dangers are lurking at every corner. Beyond the lost ruins and the dangerous obstacles are treasures and locales that allow gamers to inject unprecedented realism into their games. All gaming sets are beautifully crafted and designed with great care and precision to reflect a deep wetland setting. Ultimately, gamers are promised a gaming experience that is a league apart- entertaining and engrossing, all at the same time.

Aether Studios is providing the gaming community with gaming solutions that are visually striking. The fact that they offer their game terrain as 3D printable files make the gaming experience unique, print as many pieces as you want to use. The entire process is hands-on, exciting and highly satisfying to the customer to bring their game to life. Aether Studios is at the front of a brand new industry they are committed to setting the standard for the 3d printing industry.

The digital files provided do not require any bothersome use of Slicer supports and are designed for a scale of 28 to 32 mm. Wherever possible customers are offered both tile and scatter options. All sculptures, thus, come from a great range and variety. Moreover, all supports that are essential for the 3D printing process are built into the model so that users can enjoy a load and print experience. Such services provided by Aether Studios translate to lesser time and effort being invested into setting up the game and more time being given to an innovative and wholesome gaming experience. 

With 17 unlocked stretch goals, the development of the game holds a bright and profitable future. It is no wonder that the initial funding goal was achieved within an hour of the launch of the campaign. To support this project further and to gain more information on the interesting awards available to supporters, visit their official Kickstarter campaign page.

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