Exclusive interview with digital marketing guru Frieder F. Neidlinger

Frieder F. Neidlinger is a multifaceted personality and a digital marketing expert who helps the businesses thrive by unleashing the full potential of their marketing team via strategically designed marketing campaigns. He is the founder of Twins Digital, a media intelligence company developed for anyone handling complex media buying activities. His company helps clients in achieving marketing success by educating about the right programmatic and advertising platforms and technologies.

Frieder is a serial entrepreneur who has started up ventures and companies in both Europe and the United States. He uses his vast experience and knowledge in the business world to design and deliver innovative marketing strategy models to his clients. In this exclusive interview, he talks about his background, his company, and future projects.

Interviewer: Give us a brief about your background.

Frieder F. Neidlinger: I live and breathe innovative digital marketing, and I channel my passion for a variety of projects. A ‘serial entrepreneur’ sounds like a cliché by now, but there is no more accurate term to describe me. I have founded a number of successful companies on both sides of the Atlantic, and I value greatly the vastly different insights and experiences I could gain working in Europe and North America. My guiding light is what I call ‘broad, long, and deep innovation’ – the conviction that effective and impactful innovation cuts across whole systems, has a future focus, and does not shy away from tackling complex questions to which we do not have answers yet. With this in mind, I design business model for the digital marketplace, I architect analytical apps for the idea and strategy domains, and I always keep a keen eye on the bustling entrepreneurship space on the hunt for my next great venture.

Interviewer: What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: I find endless inspiration and motivation in the opportunities that the digital revolution continuously creates. My background in digital marketing and analytics has taught me to follow the data, to take them apart, and to develop architectures and tools that transform data into actionable knowledge. Having that knowledge in hand, I feel compelled to use it in order to solve problems and to make a positive difference in this world. This is what entrepreneurship is to me: collecting and leveraging your specialized knowledge in new, inspired, and inspiring ways that benefit those willing to listen and to try out my creations. Of course, my extensive background in digital marketing also helps me reach those target groups more easily, which is another important – and enjoyable – component of entrepreneurship to me.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your company Twins Digital?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: Twins Digital is a media intelligence company I founded in Düsseldorf, Germany. We offer an unparalleled level of digital analytics in order to deliver media-buying optimisation across all media sources. This company fully embodies my views on innovation. We take stock of a client’s aggregate advertising data, identify the communication channels that reach optimum efficiency, take a deep dive into the trends the data tells us, and make optimisation recommendations.

Interviewer: What are the major services you provide to your clients?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: We are a trusted partner for digital intelligence on demand. We offer marketing data analytics that are geared towards optimising media buying, driving ROI up, and understanding the effectiveness of specific advertising campaigns across various channels as well as reviewing and revising overall digital marketing strategies. Thanks to our strategic and technical know-how, we often develop unique digital tools and special architectures for a client in order to best capture their specific situation. We believe in generating fresh ideas, and we like to couch them in technical solutions that are just as fresh and innovative themselves.

Interviewer: What is your opinion on the impact of digital marketing on businesses?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: I think digital marketing is the heart and soul of a growing number of businesses. Even if you are trading in ‘offline’ products, digital remains the best route to reach your target audience and to grab the attention of new potential customers, too. Traditional advertising avenues like print or outdoor are shrinking and will soon account for no more than one-fifth of the market. Television is also in somewhat of a decline, so digital marketing is rapidly taking over. Online and mobile ads will soon be the lifeblood of the business, and I love the challenge of designing the best possible strategies to use these channels’ undoubted power.

Interviewer: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: I am convinced that the future of digital advertising lies in integration. Banner ads are as good as dead. People just block them. If a website forces them to turn off their ad-blocker, they do not look at the banners even for a millisecond. To combat banner blindness, we need a new approach, and I believe integrated advertising is the answer to generating brand awareness and starting customer relationships. Image-in ads and other integrated media are fascinating to me, and I am looking to put my digital marketing and analytics expertise into projects that develop, test, and optimise such examples of advertising innovation.

Interviewer: What advice will you give to emerging entrepreneurs?

Frieder F. Neidlinger: Never stop learning and always keep your eyes on the digital prize. Digital marketing is a field in perpetual revolution, and those who stay on top of the wave reap the greatest benefits. Avoid piecemeal or incremental changes; innovate across complete structures. Be bold, be curious, and be prepared!

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