Museum of Teaching and Learning Sponsors Traveling Exhibition “Two Roads, One Journey” that Compares and Contrasts U.S. and Chinese Educational Systems

The two great economic superpowers of our day are China and the United States. These two countries have based their superiority upon educational systems that prioritize important academic skills like math and communication, but utilize different methodologies of teaching. The Museum of Teaching and Learning (MOTAL) of Fullerton, California is currently developing a traveling, international exhibition “Two Roads, One Journey: Education in China and the United States” which will enlighten and inform visitors about the educational systems of these two important nations.

MOTAL was recently founded by educator Greta Nagel and a group of volunteer teachers. This organization has designed five exhibitions about education and shown them at schools, courthouses, tourist centers and other museums. Their last exhibition “A Class Action,” which detailed the story of school desegregation in California, earned a prestigious national award.

MOTAL is now developing “Two Roads, One Journey” with the assistance of leading American and Chinese educators.  This exhibit is intended to promote understanding between educators, students and parents in both nations by showcasing the typical lives of young students here and in China. Visitors will learn how people in both cultures admire their foreign counterparts, and how they are learning from one another to mutually improve the academic experience for their children.

The exhibit will highlight many of the most important similarities and differences between U.S. and Chinese educational systems by:

• Featuring familial roles in education
• Promoting discussion about both systems
• Sharing personal stories of students
• Inspiring concerned residents to enact change
• Suggesting solutions for problems in local schools

This latest project is more ambitious than any of its predecessors. The exhibit will take up almost 1,200 square feet and reach a height of eight feet.  Not only does the team hope to exhibit it internationally—the five previous exhibitions only toured nationally—but the intended goal is to draw 20,000 visitors per year.  To make “Two Roads, One Journey” commercially viable, MOTAL estimates that $25,000 will be required for design, fabrication and installation alone.

To raise the funds necessary to make “Two Roads, One Journey” possible, MOTAL has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for financially supporting this important project, backers can receive perks like handmade Chinese friendship bracelets, Chinese greeting cards, artwork by Chinese students, books authored by Nancy Pine and Greta Nagel, or promotion of a business on the exhibit. To learn more about “Two Roads, One Journey: Education in China and the United States” or to make a financial contribution to this worthy project, please visit

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