Promotes Employee Appreciation Day to Increase Morale Promotes Employee Appreciation Day to Increase Morale

In the business world, employees are one of the most important assets of a company. While provides the competitive edge needed by most companies, they also try to promote the importance of employee appreciation. Not only with they feel like their boss cares about them, but the entire company will see a boost in morale and productivity if everyone is treated right and appreciated.

The companies in this world that have not yet figured out that their people are their most valuable asset are on a pathway to demise. But for those that have figured it out, the question becomes how to best show that they understand it. How do companies best recognize, reward and inspire their employees? Traditional incentive programs, most popular amongst direct sales forces are all based on financial incentives. The old commission check. A commission-based incentive program is great if you want to incentivize your employees to think only about themselves. But it’s not so great if you want them to be a team player. You can click here to learn how to host an employee appreciation day.

Employee appreciation days are the best way to build a sense of ownership for your people. We can all learn something from the work ethic of small business owners and entrepreneurs, who are undoubtedly thought of as some of the most motivated people in our economy. The reason being is that they feel a sense of ownership in their work. They feel like the work they put indirectly affects their financial outcomes. Employees too must be given this sense of ownership, and a direct causal relationship between their effort and their results. So, what does an employee appreciation day look like?

Well, the answer to that question is the same as it is for almost every other question you ask about your business. It depends. It depends on who your employees are and what they think is important. And that starts with listening. So maybe your employee appreciation day is just a day when management and employees come together and management simply listens. Not just listening to respond but listening to understand the needs of the employees. There are many companies that have phenomenally tackled the question of how to inspire your employees to do their best work. A top-of-the-line business that wants to be known for its exceptional quality of service in the industry must place an incredible emphasis on recognizing and treating their employees the right way. They must also come up with innovative ways to motivate their employees by partnering with companies like Blueboard that offer rewards and recognition that better suit the modern workplace.

You may not think it’s enough to simply give shout outs or have listening sessions with your employees, sometimes you may have to put your money where your mouth is. But as we have mentioned before financial incentives aren’t always the most efficient way to properly motivate your people. So, figuring out what they actually want is absolutely essential. Whether it is a more friendly work environment, a better work-life balance or a competition for a trip to the Bahamas it is going to be up to you to figure out what your employees need to be properly motivated. But it all starts with appreciation.

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