Cutting Edge Flooring Services Is Making Tile Installation Easy

Cutting Edge Flooring Services Is Making Tile Installation Easy

Tile flooring can be aesthetically pleasing –  though there are strings attached to these aesthetics; chalk coated strings, to be exact. Whatever the approach to creating and maintaining reference lines, they are of great importance. Unfortunately, a slight off-measurement will multiply with each new row, creating an unsightly finished project. A proper tile install must be done with precision. Consider allowing a tile technician from Cutting Edge Flooring Services to install your tile, their experience and training will be reflected in your final flooring project.

Knowledge Takes the Guesswork and Frustration Out of Options

Tiles are available in types such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, glass, clay, pavers, and more. Each type of tile comes in its own shapes and sizes. Then, the wide spectrum of color available on these tiles offers endless design options. These options, blended with the specific elements surrounding your flooring space can seem overwhelming. Whether the finished product being envisioned involves an array of stately tiles in neat rows or angles cut and placed to create a bright, cheerful geometric flow across your floor; is an excellent place to start the process. A trained technician with Cutting Edge Flooring Services is ready to discuss your aesthetic wants, analyze your flooring needs, and provide an estimate for a successfully completed tile installation.

A Quality Installation is Many-Faceted

Deciding on the appropriate tile type, size, and design is only the beginning of a quality flooring job. Many items must be attended to before that first tile is placed. Current flooring may be a concern. Does existing tile need to be removed? What will the initial floor preparation entail? Will there be repairs or the need for an underlayment? In addition to precision in measurements during tile placement, proper prep work on the floor is necessary.

In the end, a quality flooring job of high craftsmanship is desired; but what about Customer Service during the process? Professional technicians will arrive in a timely fashion, wearing company-branded shirts. Since each prospective install location comes with a different set of circumstances, work can be scheduled at the client’s convenience. Technicians are mindful of the furnishings, fixtures, and convenience of people in the vicinity during installation.  

Tile removal can be a messy, dusty project, coating everything with a layer of stubborn, unwanted dust. If current tile removal is necessary, Cutting Edge Flooring Services uses a highly effective dust elimination system in removing those existing tiles. The DustRam® System Equipment leaves the foundation in excellent condition to accept the new flooring. It is also very beneficial in controlling airborne dust, contributing to the cleanliness of the overall location and respiratory/health concerns of its occupants.

Quality installation of tile flooring is made easy at Cutting Edge Flooring Services, find us here.

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