Lifeasible Announced Three New Products in Food Safety and Nutrient Detection

NEW YORK, USA – May 30, 2019 – Lifeasible, a biotechnology company, represents the best in the agro-related services and products fields. As a leading company in this industry, Lifeasible never forgets innovation and technology upgrades to supply quality products and services to satisfy the different needs of clients. This morning, the product and service manager announced that three new products are added into the food safety and nutrient detection product list, including Sulfur Dioxide Rapid Detection Kit (100), Nitrite Rapid Detection Kit (100), and Hydrogen Peroxide Rapid Detection Kit (100).

Sulfur Dioxide Rapid Detection Kit

Sulfur dioxide is a toxic element that has adverse effects, if absorbing too much, on organs and tissues of the human body and has various toxicities. Sulfur dioxide can not only damage the bronchi and lung, thus inducing various respiratory inflammations, but also can significantly affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, and have certain damage to the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, heart and other organ tissues. However, the excessive use and abuse of sulfur dioxide in food are serious. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out related tests on food. Sulfur Dioxide Rapid Detection Kit (100) announced this morning will help detect sulfur or industrial bleach added in foods, which is simple to be used to test food samples in a quick and accurate manner.

Nitrite Rapid Detection Kit

Nitrite will be more stable in combination with myoglobin in meat. Therefore, it is often used as a color retention agent in food processing industries such as sausages and bacon. It is used not only to fix the flesh color, maintain a good appearance, inhibit the growth of bacteria and food spoilage, but may impart a special pickled flavor to the meat as well. Unfortunately, Nitrite can be an extremely toxic substance. Adults can be poisoned when ingesting 0.2-0.5 grams of Nitrite, and 3 grams can kill an adult. In addition, Nitrite is also a carcinogen. Studies showed that there is a positive correlativity of esophageal cancer and the amount of nitrite intake by patients. We could know from the above that the importance of detecting nitrite in food is self-evident. Nitrite Rapid Detection Kit (100) provided by Lifeasible is ideal to correctly detect the content of Nitrite in foods.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rapid Detection Kit

Hydrogen peroxide is inedible. In reality, however, some unscrupulous traders apply hydrogen peroxide to food processing in order to obtain illegal benefits. Hydrogen peroxide is often added to bean products and noodle products by illegal food vendors for sterilization and bleaching. If 3% of hydrogen peroxide remains in the food, it may, when ingested, cause acute gastroenteritis, and discomfort such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and diarrhea will occur. People who consume low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide for a long time will damage the chromosomes. Hydrogen Peroxide Rapid Detection Kit, also announced this morning, will help rapid detection of hydrogen peroxide remained in foods.

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Lifeasible is a US-based company, committing to providing agro-related services and products. With years of effort, Lifeasible has developed its singular strong team of trained staff and professionals in the biotechnology industry. We not only have outstanding products and testing services but never stops moving forward. Equipped with revolutionary technologies, we are confident to provide molecular breeding services and molecular diagnostic methods in agriculture-related fields. At the same time, however, lab-to-field solutions and other customized services are offered. We are looking forward to co-operating with you.

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