B.D Basu is member of Blackford Institute for Copywriting, UK and a freelance author writing in various genres, namely self-help, philosophy, management, food and nutrition, travel, home furnishing, health, yoga, spiritual, motivational, short stories and novel, He always look forward to sharpen his skill of writing. Further, his writings are besmeared with very many lateral thoughts, which only invigorate him to create a distinctive class of literary output.

 He has been continuously writing articles of around 7000 words for eBooks and 500 to 600 words for news and feature articles respectively on home furnishing, food and health and politics after getting the contracts from various reputed employers of Guru.com, namely Lavnia Yadav, Gian Kumar, Danish Naveed of London and Rakesh Shah (www.thekarmayogi.com) of the USA.

Further, his debut novel, namely “Journey to Celestial City,” was published on Amazon Kindle since 12th March 2016. He has also written non-fiction “16 Teachings for Spiritual Happiness,” and “May All Beings Benefit,” and these books are also published on amazon.com in the year 2017. The two more books are going to be launched in the beginning of the year 2019. Both these books will be fictions.

1) When did you first realize that you wanted to a writer?

• In my adolescence, I was writing for school and college magazines. From the very beginning, it was a hunch that I would write one day for the benefit of the society. I believe, each and every person should contribute to the society either through any media or through any social activities.

I remember that my career in writing started at an early age. After finishing my studies when I embarked a professional life, I lost the track for writing for a while. However, I got reinstated into writing in the year 2006 and wrote so many articles for various Indian and overseas newspapers, namely Times of India, Indian Express, Central Chronicle and Hitavada.

In order to hone my skill, I opted for an English language course from ICFAI in the year 2009 to complete it after four years. This MA English qualification boosted my enthusiasm about taking this profession, of course, as an armature but with resolute commitment.

2) How long does it take you to write a book?

• It depends on what I wish to express through the writing medium, and if I am able to narrate it accurately I complete any book in a span of six months. Of course, my debut novel Journey to the Celestial City was published on amazon.com and amazon.in in the year 2016; I took almost five years to complete this book. This book covers theological aspects of Hinduism and Christianity, of course, denoted through symbolic characters which is of a unique proposition.

3) How is your work schedule? When do you write?

• Earlier, I used to write every night starting from 11 pm past mid night. But, now I write only in the morning time, and that too, if the story line inspires me and endorses my conscience.

I write mainly on self-help, motivation, spiritual, theology and sometimes on social issues.

4) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

• I have no specific genre. However, after scribbling my thoughts, if I find it gives invigoration about its output, I start writing.

5) How do you get your books published?

• In general, I get my books published through self-publishing company. I purchase their professional services; they publish them on social media viz. Amazon, India, Canada, UK, Japan and many other socials sites.

6) Where do you get information or ideas for your books from?

• I profusely read books related to theology, self-help, motivation and spirituality. I also read novels mainly of Sydney Sheldon. I get ideas from these books, jot-down notes on the same and start writing in my own language. I then measure the matrix and forward it to various editors in the form of articles.

7) When did you write your first book and how old were you?

• As I told in the beginning, I tend to write from my school days. When my first book Journey to the Celestial City was published on Amazon in 2016, I was aged 64.

8) What do you like to do when you are not writing?

• I prefer studying various books as I do not mingle socially that much.

9) How does your family think of your writing?

• They appreciate and do not disturb me when I am reading or writing. I got this habit from my father who used to write articles for Readers’ Digest; his couple of articles got published in the year 1935.

10) What was one of the most surprising things you learnt in creating your books?

• Actually I started writing non-fiction novels. But after finishing my first novel Journey to the Celestial City, I find the book becomes a mixture of fiction and non-fiction genre.

11) How many books have you written and which is your favourite one?

• So far I have written three books, and my favourite one is Journey to the Celestial City. My fourth book Love, Lust and Corporate Game is being published in the month of June 2019.

12) Do you have any suggestions for those who want to become writer, if yes, what are they?

• I have been in the midst of many co-authors; they contribute to my website www.bdbasu.com. I often take their inputs through my study of their output, and I filter the same according to my requirement.

My suggestion for the aspiring writers is, one needs to write on a continuous basis and must have a burning desire to excel in this profession.

13) Do your hear comments from your readers?

• I do not get much opinion from my readers; they only appreciate and encourage me to produce more output.

14) Do you like to create books for adults?

• I do not write for any specific audience. My books are for all demographic segments as I do not want to be pinpointed for a particular stratum of the society.

15) What do you think make a good story?

• A good story must comprise of a beautiful plot, strong characters, nourishing theme and other supporting credentials through which the story gets an appealing shape. Apart from that, the story should not create boredom for the readers.

16) As a child what did you want to do?

• I was a very shy child, very calm and quite; my parents were proud of my demeanor. Perhaps that could be one of the reasons that I got into writing profession. As of now, I am not a professional writer, I do not earn money, but I was, all the while, harping to become an author. 

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