Focus on the Underlying Main Backbone of BOR Big Data – Big Data Boosts the Strategic Cooperation between Real Economy and Deutsche Bank

In recent years, the advancement in big data, smart contract, block chain and other new technology fields have become an indispensable part in people’s daily life. In particular, the terminal technology based on blockchain has been more and more widely applied in finance, modern logistics, medical system, smart city construction and other aspects. As an industry leader in the business application of block chain underlying technology, BOR has reached a strategic cooperation with three global Fortune 500 enterprises.

BOR offers the latest, most complete and tailor-made underlying system solutions. BOR delivers the entity process to blockchain for automatic operation. Adhering to the detail-oriented business philosophy, BOR that is familiar with the global physical operating environment   makes full use of the group’s global expertise and channels. BOR’s technical services have been recognized by the industry and its global customers and have won a number of Asian and international awards.

BOR (Basement Operation Realm) is a blockchain and data analysis-based smart contract platform developed by the Android system team. Its new encryption method for distributed programs has been highly recognized by the global application market. It achieves the goal of horizontal expansion and high throughput through the DPOS consensus mechanism and the design of the second layer expansion scheme, thus providing enterprises with digital identity authentication, block data analysis, communication on the chain as well as the whole chain CPU cluster computing and high performance decentralized computing services. BOR’s mission is to create a better underlying operational foundation for blockchain around the world. Different from the traditional blockchain underlying developers, we have the leading engineers of the Android operating system, the development and operation management experience of the world’s largest system as well as mature market channels. Our goal is to build the android system of blockchain world, so that the business system of the whole world can be conducted with trust and security. BOR sticks to the tenet of technology first in token holding. 49% technology shareholding guarantees continuous financial support for technology development and drives project development with technology.

Recently, BOR smart contract platform has been more accurately, safely and efficiently applied in many fields on the basis of complete decentralization relying on its large top technical team. It assists enterprises in making practical operation and achieving point-to-point and face-to-face value transfer through big data analysis on the chain, thus expanding the business realization ability and marketing management ability of the enterprise. It has successfully reached a strategic cooperation with Deutsche Bank!

Strategic Cooperation between BOR Smart Contract Platform and Deutsche Bank

Strategic Cooperation between BOR Smart Contract Platformand Deutsche Bank

By this point, BOR smart contract platform will gain the general trust of more enterprises and users. According to relevant sources, BOR will attach more importance to using the underlying construction to support the application of real economy scale. Then more and more enterprises will conduct a series of in-depth cooperation with BOR smart contract platform. Today is just the beginning. BOR will face more opportunities and challenges in the future!

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