New Kickstarter Launches for Venus Underwater

Innovative, imaginative kids book series about mermaids that promotes emotional intelligence, self-mastery and a positively psychedelic approach to life. Picked by Kickstarter as a “Projects We Love,” the campaign is still live 

If your kids are hungry for media, be smart and feed them something wise: Venus Underwater, the first book in a therapy-informed series about mermaid yoginis studying to become switchy witches. A mind-bending adventure full of whimsical wordplay, kids and older readers alike will get hooked on the adventures of Venus and her two best friends, the Pistil Whipsies, as they study magic.

Readers will be transported to Mermādia, a decidedly fishy world full of characters like the Check-in Chickens, a dolphin named America who swam all the way from Mexico, and an all-girls punk band named Shells Bells.

The magic in the books is actual, with cleverly disguised techniques drawn from established healing traditions like psychology, mindfulness science, energy medicine and common sense. These techniques prevent self-hatred by exposing families to wisdom from around the world.

Written by licensed psychotherapist Julia Hengst and illustrated by Esther Samuels-Davis, the first book has two volumes: a Songbook and a Storybook. The books are full of expert input from a team of female collaborators. For instance, Master herbalist Julia Graves, author of “The Language of Plants,” shared specific flower essence remedies for kids to place in the Storybook, while Musician/Educator Rachel Panni will use sound healing science in her compositions for the Songbook.

Reading improves concentration, develops empathy and tolerance, strengthens imagination and promotes verbal skills. These books add to that: the heroine, Venus, models self-mastery through the power of insight and perseverance, while her friendship with an amusing cast of sea creatures emphasizes the power of teamwork and friendship. The content is accessible to a diverse audience and translatable to many languages. 

With a strong message of environmental awareness, the books will be made from 100% recycled paper.

To support this project and find out about the rewards available for backers, visit their official Kickstarter campaign page

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