Book Expo America and Book Con in New York City Featuring Sensational Authors in One Booth

Book Expo America and Book Con in New York City Featuring Sensational Authors in One Booth announces that its booth features an eclectic bringing together of eight authors.  These include Tony Porfilio’s inspirational title Finding Fatima; Mike Lee’s avant-garde children’s-focused poetry book entitled Not Gonna Write Poems; Robert J. Morrow’s Sold Strategies: The Cheapest, Safest and Smartest ways to Sell Your Home in Canada; André Prince de Grâce’s trail-blazing and re-released book on online dating entitled Infinite Shades of Happiness; Constance Cyr’s Astroglossary; Liliana Hoton’s Little Cricky; Les Adolescents (cœur D’or) – 2nd Edition by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu and Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst by Peter Tremblay.

Tony Porfilio was at the top of his world and, after unfortunate circumstances, fell off the proverbial cliff into financial straits, leading him to experience emotional distress. Then, through the graces of a friend, he slowly recovered, leading to a path of forgiveness, discovery, and healing.

In Finding Fatima, he offers an up-close look at his journey, a journey of trust, greed, deceit, anger, survival, forgiveness, love, faith, and hope. The title is inspired from a character in Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist—Santiago’s true love. In the quest to find Fatima, Porfilio finds himself and finds his purpose. His mission is to live and love fully and deeply, and in turn to inspire others through his own personal journey.

In A Codex For Gnostics: Cosmic Comedy Writ In The Zone of Malkuth by Obsidian Eagle, Dex is just an ordinary dreamer stuck in a dead-end job. Little does he suspect that competing cosmic forces are fighting furiously behind the scenes and that he’s about to get himself dragged right into the middle of it… Far above Earthly concerns, Archangels, Arkhonz, and Neterz all vie for ascendancy. Their gathering storm will overturn our whole universe by the time this Æon ends.

Combining Egyptology, Kabbalah, Thelema, and Zoroastrianism (among much else) — A Codex For Gnostics is an epic poem unlike any before it. Relentless wordplay jam-packed with hidden references promises to bemuse even the savviest of readers whilst providing comic relief aplenty!

Michael A. Lee, a physician turned poet, has released his debut book of humorous children’s poetry and sketches, titled Not Gonna Write Poems: A Poetry Book for All the Non Poets. Dr. Lee’s book is a collection of unique, witty poems and illustrations meant to be read out loud and enjoyed by both children and adults of all ages.  Unlike some poetry books, Not Gonna Write Poems is not meant to be mushy, sad or too serious; it introduces children to the world of poetry with funny verses and drawings. Children are inspired to read poetry, and perhaps to write it themselves, after they read Dr. Lee’s poems about such subjects as homework to snoring to slime to “Whatever Happened to Superman?”  Sketches by the author and his ten year old daughter Jessica enhance the poems’ words.

Michael Lee began writing poetry as a hobby while in high school in Brooklyn, NY.   Dr. Lee’s book was inspired by his family’s love of poetry, specifically the poetry of Shel Silverstein.  Michael wrote his book to entertain his family—and now hopes to entertain readers throughout the world with his humorous, unique brand of poetry and illustrations.  When not writing poetry, Michael works as a full time physician at an urgent care center in Long Island, NY. In his free time, he loves to travel, work out and spend time with his wife, Silvia, and their daughter, Jessica.

In Sold Strategies: The Cheapest, Safest and Smartest ways to Sell Your Home! author Robert J. Morrow reveals that there are only two ways to sell your home: privately, or via an agent. Sold Strategies shows you how to list your home on the MLS without using an agent. It also shows you how to prepare your home to attract the most buyers and market it to the most number of people… and much more! Written by a practicing real estate agent, the information is timely, accurate, and enlightening!

Robert J. Morrow spent four decades in marketing, advertising, journalism, and real estate, before becoming a full-time author. He is also a Taekwondo instructor, avid reader, and pickleball fanatic. He lives in Southern Ontario.

Born when half of Europe was still under Communist control, André Prince de Grâce was raised and educated on three continents in as many languages.  He spent his childhood in Eastern Europe, and his adolescence in the shadow of North Africa’s Atlas Mountains. He obtained his baccalaureate in Paris, and received his graduate degree in Montreal.  A true citizen of the world, he is a civil engineer, but can more accurately be described as an artist with an engineer’s mind, a practical man hopelessly in love with music, art and gourmet cooking.

Yet after successfully pursuing a rewarding career, and experiencing the infinite joys of parenting, he came to believe the one thing still missing in his life was a soul mate. He thinks finding the love of his life may be the toughest challenge he ever faced, but he knows the only thing worse than failing in his quest would be failing to try. Infinite Shades of Happiness – Revised Edition, is a book about online dating like no other and presents also perspectives of many women.

Little Cricky, a book for children originally written in Romanian by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu published in six editions in Romania, is translated by Liliana Hoton and Miruna Nistor, whose children were its first avid readers. It is a story in verse of a little cricket’s adventures while searching his lost violin.

The author is a Romanian who emigrated to France during communism and passed away in Paris in 2013. She began writing at an early age, and tried different genres: news, children’s tales, novels, poems. She was a member of the Writers’ Union from Romania, but it was in French that she wrote the majority of her work. After her death, her sister, Natalia Moldoveanu, wished to continue publishing her posthumous work and convey the values that the author loved.

Each of us can live more or less happy or beautiful moments in our childhood, but all such moments certainly have an impact on us. Reading a book like Little Cricky is one of the marvellous moments a child can remember with fondness later in life. We all remember the strong feelings we experienced whenever we read a beautiful, meaningful book in our childhood. Little Cricket can take a child through a journey of feelings: joy, sadness, anger, anticipation, expectation, and most important, love of life!

Every page of the book speaks about not giving up, no matter the adversity: a good lesson for anyone, especially for a child.  Not to mention the universal values that the story of the little cricket underlines: the beauty of the soul, loyalty, friendship, courage, passion, happiness.

The book is a little cricket’s journey in search of his violin, which was stolen by the winter wind. We invite the little readers and their parents to embark upon this beautiful journey, illustrated in beautiful pictures. Happy reading!

Les Adolescents (cœur D’or) – 2nd Edition, by Domnita Georgescu-Moldoveanu, is the story of a few young girls educated at a boarding school. They face multiple moral dilemmas, the typical example of young people seeking meaning in life. The story revolves around small mining towns in Romania – a story of generations crumbling, a story of victims of time and malevolence.

Anne’s mother is dead. Suicide or assassination? And who is her father? Someone you can count on indeed? Orphaned, Anne is supported by a neighbour, Marie, a teacher in a boarding school that has just re-opened it doors after the war. Anne discovers a happy and united family from which she will flee briefly again, in the shock of his pain. The Dona family will welcome not only Anne, but also the mysterious Ilèana. Are these two orphans consumed with jealousy over the popularity of her new half-sister Auréline, Marie’s daughter? And who is this mysterious Ilèana with the golden voice?

Moldoveanu’s novel reads like a crime novel where the truth must be unraveled among the cruelty of men. It is a passionate novel, full of symbols and poetic images, even musical, with many reflections of a post-war Transylvania.

Mr. G. Cyr had a great love for life, people, and our planet.  He touched the lives of everyone he met, and he had sought to inspire us, as humans, to re-connect with each other. The world of science, and specifically, astronomy became one of Mr. Cyr’s biggest passions.  It was Mr. Cyr’s vision in preparing this Astroglossary to inspire a new generation in our awakening as members of this great  Universe. Mr. Cyr also shared a deep appreciation of the need to act as socially responsible custodians of our planet.

Knowing critical terms which help to educate us in the wonders of this universe is a first step in pursuing the kind of advanced knowledge of our Universe and our place in it.  Such knowledge will hopefully enable us all to share in a needed new direction in this cosmos, and this was Mr. Cyr’s aim.  However, it has been through the perseverance of Ms. Cyr, his wife, that her husband’s spirit was re-kindled. This spirit lives on in this revised edition of his Astroglossary.

In Justin Trudeau, Judicial Corruption and the Supreme Court of Canada: Aliens and Archons in Our Midst, author Peter Tremblay takes us on a journey from the alleged corruption revealed by former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, Jody Wilson-Raybould to alien manipulation in the guise of human faces.  Such manipulation that has been reported by different reliable sources which include Dr. Michael Salla and the former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer,  

In this book, Peter Tremblay uses judicial proceedings involving the Carby-Samuels case to substantiate the apparent existence of alien manipulation through strategically placed Archons.

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