Neda Yasee is an Iranian-Canadian internet personality that entertains and inspire people on her Instagram channels based on what she went through in her home country.

Neda Yasee was born and raised in Iran and currently living in Toronto, Canada. She was born in a small city in Iran to a wealthy family that is very strict. Although Neda Yasee was in a country with no freedom of speech, she was outspoken against tradition, taboos, Iranian culture, and limitations. Neda Yasee has a bachelor’s degree in Midwifery in Iran graduating with top grades; she worked as a midwife in Iran for 2 years before finally moving to Canada.

Neda Yasee moved to Canada because she can no longer cope with the restrictions in Iran. When she moved to Canada, her family decided to turn their back on her, which made her lost contact with them. Neda Yasee had a traumatizing toxic relationship with her Canadian boyfriend, resulting in both of them breaking up with each other. After the breakup, she suffered lots of anxiety and depression, and because she had no friend to connect with, she decided to turn to Instagram to entertain herself and hopefully connect with new friends.

She began her Instagram journey by making comedy videos that later attracted lots of people to her page. Then, she started doing other things on her Instagram pages like makeup tutorials, advocating for women rights in her home country, and some other things. She currently has three Instagram pages which are @nedayasee2 with over 1.1 million followers, @nedayasee2 and with over 600K followers and @nedayasee with over 192K followers.

Neda Yasee’s persistent Instagram success has been against substantial odds with backlash and hate-comment as well as some Persian websites writing things about her that are entirely untrue. In the near future, she will serve as an example of how to remain a beloved star despite the ever-mounting negative press. Some Iranians girls and women who visit Neda Yassi’s pages at times usually leave some nice comments which inspire her to be their voice for more rights and freedom.

Neda Yasee now has another bachelor degree in Public Health in Toronto, Canada and currently undergoing Masters in Nursing in Toronto, Canada. Her main goal is to empower women, inspire them to be comfortable with their body and femininity, and promote self-love and being independent. Also, she would like to have her makeup line and create top-notch quality products that her followers deserve. Neda Yasee’s Instagram pages, as well as her YouTube channel, are listed below:

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