Currently with about 1.9 million followers on her three Instagram pages, an Iranian-Canadian, NedaYasee has become an internet personality that advocates for the freedom and rights of Iranian girls and women on her Instagram channels based on her life story.

Neda Yasee was born and raised in Iran, a country with zero freedom of speech as well as lots of limitations. She suffered from gender and racial discrimination while growing up in the country, and despite all of that abuse, she never stopped criticizing Iran’s tradition, taboos, Iranian culture, and limitations. When she got fed up with the abuse she was being subjected to in her country, she decided to move to Canada where she will have the freedom to air her views without being subjected to intimidations and abuse.

Although she had a bachelor degree in degree in Midwifery while she was in Iran, she acquired another bachelor degree in Public Health in Canada and she’s currently studying to acquire Master’s degree in Nursing in Canada. Apart from studying, Neda Yasee ventured into the social media world which she first began by posting makeup/beauty tips and tutorial videos on YouTube back in 2014, but since Iranian people do not have access to YouTube easily because it is censored in Iran, then she decided to focus her online presence on Instagram where it is more accessible to her audience in Iran.

Neda Yasee now has a total of about 1.9 million on her 3 Instagram pages. She has over 1.1 million followers on her page @ nedayasee2 and over 600K followers on the page @ nedayasee and 192K followers on the page @ eshgheyasee. Neda Yasee is currently, active on two of those Instagram pages by posting and creating stories every day on both pages and going live a couple of times a week. In her Instagram live which is popular and very interesting, she talks about her life stories, do makeup tutorials, show her outfit haul, makeup and grocery haul and talks about feminine hygiene.

From the very first time she went live on Instagram, Neda Yasee has been trying to challenge and push boundaries with respect to Iranian strict and traditional culture; advocating for women rights especially in Iran anti-feminism behavior; challenging the stringent culture in type of outfits women can wear in Iran with comedy twist/ touch; talking and challenging women abuse and men controlling women in Iran. She always tries to be the voice of girls and women in Iran advocating for more rights and freedom for them. People interested in seeing Neda Yasee’s Instagram pages and her YouTube page should click any of the links below.

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